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Create and host impactful demos and POCs to showcase the power of your product. Educate customers and internal team with hands-on labs for security, compliance, identity, and privacy training.

JULY 26 – 27, 2022 | BOSTON, MA

Accelerate Your Journey

Helping security ISVs to increase marketing outreach and sales through impactful product demonstrations

Scale Outreach
Deliver demos and POCs that employ complex real-world scenarios to thoroughly showcase product functionality.
Workshop Labs
Empower your team with outstanding product knowledge through hands-on training and workshops at scale.
Establish a positive partner ecosystem with complete product transparency.
Cloud Orchestrator
Orchestrate provisioning and lifecycle management for environments for various purposes such as development, QA, POCs at scale.
Valuable Insights
Determine which prospects are testing your POC and how they're using it. Identify high-low points and intervene to help close deals faster.
Secured Testing
Test your products in secure, safe, and isolated sandbox cloud environments.
AWS Custom Policy
Implement restrictions to help users navigate and explore within the decided limit of resources and monitor any excess expenditure.
Usage Policy
Trigger notification to admins and instructors when users deviate from the regular line of resources to more heavy and expensive ones.
Shadow Labs
Enable close monitoring of labs and jump in to provide support in real time within seconds

See What you can achieve with AWS based virtual labs

Expand Marketing & Sales Outreach

Manifest your product capabilities with immersive demos and POCs that drive actionable results

Save Big on Lab Cost

Save up to 80% on lab cost without compromising on the quality

About CloudLabs

CloudLabs hands-on labs make it easier for you to train your organization using real-life scenarios to protect from cyber threats or spin up demos and POCs easily to show the power of your solution

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If you are attending AWS re:Inforce, and want to learn how top security ISVs are leveraging our hands-on cloud environments to deliver training, POCs, and Demos. Schedule a meeting and our experts will be there to show you what our platform can do for your organization with hands-on live demo.

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Spektra Systems is a partner focused cloud solutions company. Spektra’s CloudLabs platform helps technology companies to run hands-on-labs, test drives & POCs for various scenarios at large scale.

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