October 1, 2018 Mayank Baweja

Pricing information

100 credits


8 Hours


IT Administrator & Implementer


Cloud Architects


IT Professional


Virtual Machines

Azure Powershell

Virtual Networks

Load Balancing

Network Virtual Appliances in Azure

Azure Site to Site Connectivity

Azure Site to on-premises Connectivity

Enterprise Class Networking – 8 HRS Hands-on Workshop

In this workshop, you will learn to setup and configure a virtual network with subnets in Azure. You will learn how to secure the virtual network by deploying a network virtual appliance and configure firewall rules and route tables. You will also setup access to Virtual Network with a jump box and a site-to-site VPN Connection.


1 H

Create a Virtual Network and provision subnets

Create a Virtual Network
Configure subnets

1 H

Create second Virtual Network and provision subnets

Create a second Virtual Network
Configure Subnets

1 H

Create route tables with required routes

Create route tables
Add routes to each route table

2 H

Deploy n-tier application and validate functionality

Use the Azure portal for a template deployment
Validate the CloudShop application is up after the deployment
Create a load balancer to distribute load between the web servers
Configure the load balancer

0.5 H

Build the management station

Build the management VM

1 H

Virtual Network Peering

Configure VNet peering WGVNET1 to WGVNET2
Configure VNet peering WGVNET2 to WGVNET1

1 H

Provision and configure partner firewall solution

Provision the firewall appliance
Enable IP forwarding on the firewall network interface

2 H

Configure the firewall to control traffic flow

Log on to Barracuda firewall and monitor the traffic and firewall rules
Configure firewall rules
Associate route tables to subnets

3 H

Configure Site-to-Site connectivity

Create OnPrem Virtual Network
Configure gateway subnets for on premise Virtual Network
Create the first gateway
Create the second gateway
Connect the gateways

1 H

Validate connectivity from 'on-premises' to Azure

Create a virtual machine to validate connectivity
Configure routing for simulated 'on-premises' to Azure traffic