October 1, 2018 Mayank Baweja

Pricing information

15 USD 


8 Hours



IT Infrastructure Specialist



Azure VMs

Azure Portal

Azure PowerShell

Azure Storage

Azure Active Directory

Azure Web Apps

Azure Virtual Networks

SQL Server

Operations Management Suite

Azure Backup

Enterprise Ready Cloud– 8 HRS Hands-on Workshop

In this workshop you will create an Azure Cloud Governance plan to advise a manufacturing company of the features available in Azure.You will discover features to bring governance to their Azure deployments, distributed administration, and allowance for secure remote connectivity and development work for their offshore developers. You will learn how to design a governance plan to showcase the security and governance features of Azure. You’ll learn how to provide for cost tracking by business unit, environment, and project, provide for a distributed administration model, put a service catalog  in place to prevent deployment of unsupported Azure services, and put controls in place to allow deployment of services only in specific regions.


3 H

Create the policy for Enterprise IT

Create Management Group
Apply the service catalog policy
Restrict the creation of ExpressRoute circuits.
Restrict the creation of resources in regions.
Create and apply a naming convention.
Test the policies.

2 H

Configure delegated permissions

Create groups in Azure AD for delegation
Create user accounts in Azure AD for delegation
Enable a business unit administrator for the subscription.
Enable project-based delegation and chargeback

3 H

Create the environment for the e-commerce team

Create a new virtual network
Configure secure VPN for connectivity
Create an Azure DevTest lab environment
Test access to the DevTest labs environment
Finish configuring secure connectivity