October 9, 2018 Mayank Baweja

Pricing information

100 credits


8 Hours


SAP Basis Professionals


SAP on Azure


Azure VMs

Azure Active Directory

Azure Virtual Networks

Load Balancers

Linux Clustering

SAP Hana On Azure – 8 HRS Hands-on Workshop

In this workshop, you will learn how to provision a highly available deployment of SAP HANA in Azure. Throughout the whiteboard design session and the hands-on lab, you will look at the planning process for SAP HANA migration and deployment. You will identify and implement Azure infrastructure components necessary to support a clustered deployment of SAP HANA. You will also step through installing SAP HANA and configuring SAP HANA system replication. Finally, you will review and test different scenarios that involve manual and automatic failover between cluster nodes. In this hands-on lab, you will step through the implementation of a highly available SAP HANA deployment on Microsoft Azure virtual machines running SUSE Linux Enterprise Server.


2 H

Provision Azure infrastructure

Deploy an Azure virtual machine running Windows
Create a virtual network subnet for the HANA database tier
Deploy an Azure Resource Manager QuickStart template
Configure IP settings of Azure VMs running Linux

2 H

Configure operating system on Azure VMs running Linux

Connect to Azure Linux VMs and register SUSE Linux Enterprise Server image
Add YaST packages, update the Linux operating system, and install HA Extensions
Enable cross-node password-less SSH access
Configure name resolution
Configure storage

0.5 H

Configure clustering on Azure VMs running Linux

Configure clustering
Configure corosync

1 H

Install SAP HANA

Copy installation media to Linux VMs
Run hdblcm on both Linux VMs

1 H

Configure SAP HANA replication

Create HANA DATA ADMIN user account
Configure keystore and perform a backup
Create the primary and the secondary sites

3 H

Configure cluster framework

Configure STONITH clustering options
Create an Azure AD application for the STONITH device
Grant permissions to Azure VMs to the service principal of the STONITH app
Configure the STONITH cluster device
Create SAPHanaTopology cluster resource agent
Create SAPHana cluster resource agent

3 H

Test the deployment

Install SAP HANA Studio Administration on the Azure VM running Windows
Modify Azure Internal Load Balancer configuration
Connect to HANA cluster by using SAP HANA Studio Administration
Connect to HANA cluster by using Hawk
Test a manual failover (from s03-db-0 to s03-db-1)
Test a migration (from s03-db-1 to s03-db-0)
Test fencing