October 9, 2018 Mayank Baweja

Pricing information

25 USD


8 Hours


Application developers


Azure Functions

Azure Cognitive Services

Azure Event Grid

Application Insights

Azure Cosmos DB

Logic Apps

Serverless Architecture – 8 HRS Hands-on Workshop

In this workshop, you will work as a group to setup and configure a serverless architecture within Azure using a combination of Azure Functions, Logic Apps, Event Grid, Cosmos DB, and Azure Storage. The focus is on removing server management from the equation, breaking down the solution into smaller components that are individually scalable, and allowing the customer to only pay for what they use. In this hand-on lab, you will be challenged to implement an end-to-end scenario using a supplied sample that is based on Microsoft Azure Functions, Azure Cosmos DB, Event Grid, and related services. The scenario will include implementing compute, storage, workflows, and monitoring, using various components of Microsoft Azure. The hands-on lab can be implemented on your own, but it is highly recommended to pair up with other members at the lab to model a real-world experience and to allow each member to share their expertise for the overall solution.


2 H

Azure data, storage, and serverless environment setup

Provision the storage account
Provision the Function Apps
Provision the Event Grid topic
Provision the Azure Cosmos DB account
Provision the Computer Vision API service

1 H

Develop and publish the photo processing and data export functions

Configure application settings
Finish the Process Image function
Publish the Function App from Visual Studio

3 H

Create functions in the portal

Create function to save license plate data to Azure Cosmos DB
Add an Event Grid subscription to the SavePlateData function
Add an Azure Cosmos DB output to the SavePlateData function
Create function to save manual verification info to Azure Cosmos DB
Add an Event Grid subscription to the QueuePlateForManualCheckup function
Add an Azure Cosmos DB output to the QueuePlateForManualCheckup function
Configure custom event types for the new Event Grid subscriptions

2 H

Monitor your functions with Application Insights

Provision an Application Insights instance
Enable Application Insights integration in your Function Apps
Use the Live Metrics Stream to monitor functions in real time
Observe your functions dynamically scaling when resource-constrained

0.5 H

Explore your data in Azure Cosmos DB

Use the Azure Cosmos DB Data Explorer

0.5 H

Create the data export workflow

Create the login App

2 H

Configure continuous deployment for your Function App

Create a GitHub repository
Add GitHub repository to your Visual Studio solution
Configure your Function App to use your GitHub repository for continuous deployment
Finish your ExportLicensePlates function code and push changes to GitHub to trigger deployment

1 H

Rerun the workflow and verify data export

Run the Logic App
View the exported CSV file