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DevOps: Getting started with Docker

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About This Course

Docker is an OS virtualized software platform that allows IT organizations to quickly create, deploy, and run applications in Docker containers, which have all the dependencies within them. A Docker image is a file used to execute code in a Docker container. With Docker Compose, we can create a YAML file to define the services and with a single command, can spin everything up or tear it all down.

In this course, by using hands-on lab, you will learn how to work with Docker, how to create Docker containers and perform container operations. You’ll also learn how to use Docker Compose to host and scale an application, as well as work with Docker images, Docker network, and Docker volumes.

In Hands-on Lab is available for the specified duration and can only be activated once. Lab once launched cannot be paused in between or retaken.


This course doesn’t have any technical pre-requisite. This course primarily uses the Azure portal to create services and does not require scripting skills.