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.NET App Modernization

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About This Course

.NET App Modernization Hands-on labs, you gain a better understanding of the steps involved in modernizing legacy on-premises applications and infrastructure by leveraging cloud services. You see how applications can be assessed and migrate to Azure thanks to Azure Migrate and complimented with modern concepts such as Serverless.

At the end of this Hands-on lab, your ability to design and implement a modernization plan for organizations looking to move services from on-premises to the cloud will be improved.

Modules Included:

.NET App Modernization hands-on lab – [8 HRS]

  • Exercise 1: Setting up Azure Migrate
  • Exercise 2: Migrate your application with App Service Migration Assistant
  • Exercise 3: Migrate the on-premises database to Azure SQL Database
  • Exercise 4: Setup CI/CD pipeline with GitHub Actions for the web app
  • Exercise 5: Using serverless Azure Functions to process orders

.NET App Modernization contains one Lab with five exercises available for the specified duration and can only be activated once. Lab once launched cannot be paused in between or retaken.


This course doesn’t have any technical pre-requisite. This course primarily uses the Azure portal to create services and does not require scripting skills.