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Azure Virtual Desktop

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With AVD hands-on lab, Spektra Academy is enabling you the access to a virtual environment with a pre-deployed Azure environment for performing the Azure Virtual Desktop lab exercises without worrying about the resource requirements, system configurations specific permissions requirements for trying our AVD in your production subscriptions.

The lab experience is a perfect tool to build the knowledge and skills to accelerate designing and implementing a virtual desktop infrastructure on Azure. The hands-on lab environment provided for 8 hours of duration using Azure Active Directory Domain Services (AADDS) as a pre-built configuration allows you to complete all necessary exercises & tasks along with the detailed lab instructions.

The lab environment helps to build and understand concepts like setting up a multi-session Windows 10 deployment, Virtualize Microsoft 365 Apps, multi-user virtual scenarios, load balancing, and much more.

Azure Virtual Desktop Modules Included:

Azure Virtual Desktop Hands-on Workshop – [8 HRS]

  • Exercise 1: Create Host Pool from Azure Portal
  • Exercise 2: Create Application Groups and assign them to users
  • Exercise 3: Access the Published Applications and Desktop using Browser
  • Exercise 4: Access the Published Applications and Desktop using AVD Desktop Client
  • Exercise 5: Setup FSLogix
  • Exercise 6: Monitoring using Log Analytics
  • Exercise 7: Load Balancing methods
  • Exercise 8: Create a master image for AVD
Azure Virtual Desktop Hands-on Lab contains an environment with eight exercises available for the specified duration of 8 hours and can only be activated once.
Once the lab environment is launched, you will not be able to re-take the lab and it cannot be paused in between.

What you will get:

  • Pre-validated Hands-on lab environments with commercial Azure Subscriptions.
  • Immersive experience including Lab Guide, Lab environment in your browser.
  • 24*7 E-Mail/IM Support from qualified MVPs/MCTs/SMEs.
  • Azure Quota/Limits already increased and approved.
  • M365 Licensed tenant wherever applicable.