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Cloud-Native Applications

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Cloud-Native Applications hands-on lab is designed to guide you through the process of building and deploying Docker images to the Kubernetes platform hosted on Azure Kubernetes Services (AKS), in addition to learning how to work with dynamic service discovery, service scale-out, and high-availability. In this lab, you will build a proof of concept (POC) that will transform an existing on-premises application to a container-based application. This POC will deliver a multi-tenant web app hosting solution leveraging Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS), Docker containers on Linux nodes, and migration from MongoDB to CosmosDB.

Modules for Cloud-Native Applications Workshop Included:

Cloud-Native Applications hands-on lab [8 HRS]

  • Exercise 1: Create and run a Docker application
  • Exercise 2: Migrate MongoDB to Cosmos DB using Azure Database Migration Service
  • Exercise 3: Deploy the solution to Azure Kubernetes Service
  • Exercise 4: Scale the application and test HA
  • Exercise 5: Working with services and routing application traffic

Cloud-Native Applications contains one Lab with five exercises available for the specified duration and can only be activated once. Lab once launched cannot be paused in between or retaken.

What you will get:

  • Pre-validated Hands-on lab environments with commercial Azure Subscriptions.
  • Immersive experience including Lab Guide, Lab environment in your browser.
  • 24*7 E-Mail/IM Support from qualified MVPs/MCTs/SMEs.
  • Azure Quota/Limits already increased and approved.
  • M365 Licensed tenant wherever applicable.