F5 Advanced WAF on Azure

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F5 Advanced WAF on Azure
Hands-on Labs

F5 Advanced WAF on Azure

Gain the necessary skills to effectively configure, deploy, and manage the F5 Advanced WAF in Azure environments, ensuring the security and protection of their web applications

Lab Description

The F5 Advanced WAF for Azure hands-on lab is designed to equip participants with the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively deploy and manage the F5 Advanced Web Application Firewall (WAF) solution in Microsoft Azure environments. This course is targeted toward professionals who are responsible for securing web applications and ensuring their protection against a wide range of security threats.


To make the most of the F5 Advanced WAF for Azure hands-on lab, participants should have some prior knowledge and experience in the following areas: Networking Fundamentals, Web Application Concepts, Azure Fundamentals, Security Concepts, and Network Security and Firewalling.

Learning objective

The hands-on lab covers various aspects of managing the F5 Advanced WAF solution in Azure. Participants learn how to configure security policies, customize rule sets, and fine-tune the WAF to meet specific application requirements. They explore techniques for monitoring and logging security events, as well as analyzing and responding to security incidents.

Lab Exercises
Accessing F5 WAF Dashboard
Getting started with the Azure portal
Configuring F5 Advanced Web Application firewall
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F5 Advanced WAF on Azure
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