Internet of Things (IoT)

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About This Course

IoT in a day helps you to build an Azure IoT Hub Solution to receive telemetry and manage all the devices centrally in a reliable and scalable fashion and also to visualization on the real-time data consumption and analysis along with long term storage for historical analysis, data retention, data monitoring, alert notifications and finally the security on STRIDE threats.

IOT Hands-on Labs package includes access to the environment along with lab instructions for completing the following modules.

Modules Included:

Internet of Things (IoT) Hands-on Workshop – [8 HRS]

  • Exercise 1: Getting Started with Azure IoT Services
  • Exercise 2: Processing Data from Azure IoT Hub
  • Exercise 3: Machine Learning in IoT and Real-Time Monitoring using Power BI
  • Exercise 4: Getting started with Azure IoT Edge
  • Exercise 5: Securing the IoT Solution
Internet of Things contains one Lab with five exercises available for the specified duration and can only be activated once. Lab once launched cannot be paused in between or retaken.

What you will get:

  • Pre-validated Hands-on lab environments with commercial Azure Subscriptions.
  • Immersive experience including Lab Guide, Lab environment in your browser.
  • 24*7 E-Mail/IM Support from qualified MVPs/MCTs/SMEs.
  • Azure Quota/Limits already increased and approved.
  • M365 Licensed tenant wherever applicable.


This course doesn’t have any technical pre-requisite. This course primarily uses the Azure portal to create services and does not require scripting skills.