October 4, 2018 Mayank Baweja

Pricing information

40 USD


8 Hours


Application developers

Data scientists

Data engineers

Data architects


Azure Databricks

Azure Machine Learning services

Azure Data Factory (ADF)

Azure Storage

Power BI Desktop

Azure App Service

Big Data And Visualization – 8 HRS Hands-on Workshop

In this workshop, you will deploy a web app using Machine Learning Services to predict travel delays given flight delay data and weather conditions. Plan a bulk data import operation, followed by preparation, such as cleaning and manipulating the data for testing, and training your machine learning model. This hands-on lab is designed to provide exposure to many of Microsoft’s transformative line of business applications built using Microsoft big data and advanced analytics.


2 H

Build a Machine Learning Model

Create your Azure Machine Learning project
Upload the Sample Datasets
Open Azure Databricks and complete lab notebooks
Configure your Machine Learning environment

2 H

Setup Azure Data Factory

Download and stage data to be processed
Install and configure Azure Data Factory Integration Runtime on the Lab VM
Configure Azure Data Factory

1 H

Deploy your machine learning model with Azure ML

Edit the scoring and configuration files
Deploy the model

0.5 H

Develop a data factory pipeline for data movement

Create copy pipeline using the Copy Data Wizard

2 H

Operationalize ML scoring with Azure Databricks and Data Factory

Create Azure Databricks Linked Service
Complete the Batch Score Azure Databricks notebook code
Trigger workflow

0.5 H

Summarize data using Azure Databricks

Summarize delays by airport

2 H

Visualizing in Power BI Desktop

Obtain the JDBC connection string to your Azure Databricks cluster
Connect to Azure Databricks using Power BI Desktop
Create Power BI report

0.5 H

Deploy intelligent web app

Deploy web app from GitHub