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Cybersecurity Labs

Frequently Asked Questions

What are cyber security labs? What is a virtual lab in cyber security? What is a CyberLab?
Cyber Security training is on the rise with the increasing demand for cyber security professionals at all fronts. Private and government organizations are constantly targeted by cyber invaders through various means like phishing, ransomware, and malware, and hacking through enterprise networks.
To prepare expert cyber professionals, they must be given the most sophisticated cyber security training with a practical skillset and a keen eye for details, this cannot be achieved without cyber security labs. These labs are controlled virtual environments where trainees can practice ethical hacking without breaking into an organization’s secured network. It also helps them to build strategic plans to enforce enterprise security and thwart cybercriminals.
How do I train for Cyber Security?
CloudLabs already supports different Cyber Security certification courses, such as the one from Checkpoint, etc. You can find the available courses here: https://cloudlabs.ai/courses/
What do you do in a cyber security lab?
In cyber security labs, students can learn ethical hacking in safe and controlled environments. It helps you in detecting security breaches in real life scenarios and enforce security programs for your organization.