Hands on training

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a hands on session?
Hands on refers to direct interaction with technology. It demonstrates the Learning by doing ideology.
Hands-on sessions conducted in simulated environments provide a real-life experience working with the technology or software. Currently, there is a huge demand oh hands-on sessions in educational institutions, training platforms and technology companies to train their students, employees, and partners. It also comes in handy for sales purposes like product demos and POCs.
What is a hands-on training program?
Hands-on training program is intended to help you succeed at any level by giving you hands-on exposure to real life scenarios and environments. You will be doing hands-on in production environments, which will almost make you industry-ready. At CloudLabs, we provide production subscriptions/accounts for the cloud provider you are getting trained for.
What are Microsoft hands-on labs?
Microsoft hands-on labs are those labs that enable users to test Microsoft’s products and technologies with the help of a virtual environment. The labs are provisioned with all the required tools for performing the lab.
CloudLabs offers courses around various technologies from Microsoft, such as Azure, Dynamics 365, Microsoft 365, etc.
Why hands on method is effective for employee training?
Hands-on training has been extremely impactful in employee training as it enables the trainees to get a first-hand experience of the product or technology. It boosts productivity with real-life application of the concepts and helps trainees prepare for their industry-specific roles.
What is hands-on training called?
Hands-on training is also called experiential learning. It refers to a form of learning wherein trainees immerse themselves in a particular subject. This enhances a trainee's learning and retention capabilities and provides a practical approach to the topic
Are Microsoft hands-on labs free?
Microsoft Azure-based hands-on labs are not free as the lab environments are hosted on production subscriptions to enable a real experience.
Where can I find Microsoft Learn lab guides?
You can find Microsoft Learn lab guides for various learning paths at this link: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/learn/
Are there any good hands-on lab guides online?
Yes, there are hands-on lab guides which you can get through CloudLabs at https://cloudlabs.ai/courses/
CloudLabs supports labs for various technologies.
Where can I find free and open-source hands-on lab resources?
There are plenty of options for Azure within the Microsoft Learn website (accessible at https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/learn/), which will help you get started with any of the technologies.
Why is hands-on important?
It is essential to get hands-on experience in order to completely comprehend a subject while also learning practical skills. With hands-on training, attendees are more exposed to real-life scenarios and related challenges, and they need to find creative ways to navigate their way out of the given situation.
Hands-on training builds problem-solving and analytical skills in students and trainees along with: -