Virtual Computing Lab

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Virtual computing Lab?
A virtual computing lab enables a user to access software and resources while sitting in a remote location away from where the main infrastructure is located. This lab is based on cloud technology and can be used from both on campus and off campus.
What is Virtual computing?
Virtual computing can be referred to as accessing a remote computer with the help of an internet connection from any location around the world. It provides a secure environment with cloud services and storage. Virtual computing allows the user to use the resources at any time and from anywhere.
How do I set up a virtual PC lab?
You can setup a virtual PC lab through CloudLabs or utilizing Azure Lab Services.
Through CloudLabs, access to the VM or virtual PC can be provided through HTTPs. Users don't have to install any RDP client and will be able to access the virtual PC from any HTML5 supported browser.
CloudLabs has pre-configured environments supported for different scenarios, which are customizable as per the requirements. Also, Microsoft offers Windows 365 Cloud PC, which can also be tried out.
With CloudLabs, you get the option of providing a premium end-user experience with the ability to provide instructions and VMs side by side.
How do I use a Microsoft virtual lab?
You can either purchase Microsoft Virtual Labs through CloudLabs or attend free training by registering here: