Deliver Impactful Training, Demos & POCs with Virtual IT Labs on Google Cloud Platform

    Spin up Virtual Hands-on Labs for an Immersive Technology Experience

    Maximize outreach and sales with engaging demos on GCP

    Demonstrate the true value of your product with hands-on experience and accelerate your revenue. 

    Impactful hands-on training on GCP

    Deliver impactful training to your students and give them the practical hands-on experience required to be workforce ready.  

    Save more on lab costs

    Save up to 80% on the lab costs while keeping the quality intact.   

    About CloudLabs

    CloudLabs is designed for ISVs, EDUs, and organizations for learning and enablement through modern immersive technology experiences. CloudLabs boosts better user engagement and drives faster prospect generation with hands-on virtual IT labs for Training, POCs, and Demos.


    What Makes Us Stand out?

    Our easy-to-use hands-on lab platform lets you create & deploy Virtual IT labs on Google Cloud Platform at scale. Deliver impactful experiences to your learners, partners, customers, and prospects.

    Take control of a user account with the 'Instructor Account' feature and jump-in to provide real-time support.

    Keep cost under control with custom policies on resource usage and let users explore without exceeding the set budget 

    Enable notification when users deviate from the regular line of resources to more heavy and expensive ones.  

    Proper tracking and reporting mechanisms to ensure that admins have complete visibility of the cloud usage of all the users.

    Utilize real-time analytics and make decisions based on participation, engagement, usage, and so much more. 

    Our team is available round-the-clock to provide instant support for any technical or non technical problems.

    Easy-to-manage virtual IT labs designed to deliver immersive experience every single time
    Deploy labs in minutes
    Blazing fast and easy onboarding
    Add labs and users on-the-go
    Only pay for the cloud resource you use
    Expand horizons by turning every experience unforgettable
    AWS Custom Policy
    Implement restrictions to help users navigate and explore within the decided limit of resources keeping expenses in check.
    Usage Policy
    Trigger notification to admins and instructors when users deviate from the regular line of resources to more heavy and expensive ones.
    Shadow Labs
    Enable close monitoring of labs and jump in to provide support in real time within seconds

    Live Support

    Our team is available 24*7 to provide instant support for any technical and non-tech problems

    Our platform gets you hands-on with the cloud, so you can build an experience that sticks.