Signup on CloudLabs.AI

  • Signup with your Microsoft Account. You can create one, if you don’t have already.
  • Browse through list of catalogues
  • Select the lab scenario you’d want to perform in the lab and purchase Credits required for the lab accordingly.

Start a Lab

  • Select the workshop scenario and launch a lab
  • It will take few minutes for the lab provisioning, you should be seeing the approximate time
  • You should see lab details including your Azure credentials and other resources details based on the lab scenario
  • You should also see a link to the guided lab document.

Execute Lab

  • Now you’ve a ready to use lab instance. Follow the lab details to login to Microsoft Azure portal. Using an InPrivate Window is recommended.
  • You’ll also get a private link to guided step by step lab document, which you can follow through the lab.
  • Your lab instances is ready and tested environment for the lab scenario, so you’d be able to create required resources and perform lab smoothly.