October 5, 2018 Mayank Baweja

Pricing information

100 credits


8 Hours


Application developer

Infrastructure architect


IoT Hub

Cosmos DB

Azure Functions

Web APIs


Web APIs

PowerApps Data Gateway

Visual Studio App Center

Visual Studio Team Services

Mobile App Innovation  – 8 HRS Hands-on Workshop

In this workshop, you will design an IoT solution for an end-to-end mobile baggage tracking system that leverages cloud services and cross-platform mobile development.


1 H

Set up your project in Visual Studio Team Services

Create your project in Visual Studio Team Services
Commit starter project to your VSTS project

2 H

Configure Visual Studio App Center

Create a new iOS / Xamarin app
Connect iOS app to App Center
Create new Android / Xamarin app in Mobile
Connect Xamarin.Android app to Mobile Center
Commit your changes to Visual Studio Team Services
Connect iOS & Android apps in App Center to Team Services and configure/launch build
Enable Telemetry (App Insights in App Center)

3 H

Configure Azure Cosmos DB and Azure functions

Configure your Cosmos DB instance
Create collections in your Cosmos DB instance
Create a new Application Insights instance
Create a new Azure Function App
Connect your Function project to Cosmos DB
Connect your Project to Application Insights
Add Functions to your app
Deploy your app to Azure

2 H

Set up IoT hub

Create the IoT hub in Azure
Create a device identity
Set up the backend keys for the database and Functions
Set up the program to scan the bags
Run the program to scan the bags

2 H

Connect the mobile app to the backend

Connect app to Azure backend
Create a Flight List page
Create a Flight List View Model
Connect the View Model to the page
Add Flight List page to the navigation service
Run the app and verify that it successfully retrieves flight data