February 6, 2019 CloudLabs

Check Point Certification CCSA and CCSE CloudLabs are now generally available

Today, at CPX 360 Conference in Las Vegas, Spektra Systems in partnership with Check Point, announces the general availability of Cloud-based Hands-on labs for Check Point Certifications including CCSA and CCSE. Check Point Authorized Training Centers(ATCs) can now officially leverage cloud labs to conducts CCSA and CCSE Trainings.

Cloud Labs are powered by Microsoft Azure and eliminates the complexity, time and efforts required to set up labs for each participant manually. Every student is provided a dedicated Virtualized Server running on Microsoft Azure, powerful enough to host all the virtual machines required for running Check Point CCSA and CCSE labs.


  • Fully functional CCSA and CCSE environment with no requirement for on-site IT staff.
  • Ability to snapshot the VM and return back to any previous stage during any point of time.
  • Each lab environment provides access to 10 fully licensed and up-to-date VMs which includes Check Point SMS and GW Machines as well.
  • Each student in the training course uses a unique and temporary Azure account to host the lab environment
  • ATCs can use the Spektra’s CloudLabs Management Portal to supervise student accounts and manage the lab’s duration, costing etc.

Every student connects to the Cloud lab by using RDP(Remote Desktop Connection over Port 3389), no other onsite IT setup is required. Training Center can choose to host labs in any of the commercial Azure cloud regions across the globe.

At the end of the workshop, CloudLabs platform deletes the environments automatically to prevent any additional costs etc.  The entire process for signing up and requesting lab is fairly easy and accessible through self-service manner.

At this time, Only CCSA and CCSE labs are available, CCSM labs are currently under development.

Check Point ATCs can request for trial or order labs by reaching out to Spektra Systems at cloudlabs@spektrasystems.com.

About Spektra Systems, The company behind CloudLabs:
Spektra Systems is a partner focused cloud solutions company. CSP Control Center by Spektra enables CSP partners to manage and grow their Cloud business with effective business automation. Spektra’s CloudLabs platform helps Microsoft and Cloud ISVs to run hands-on-labs, test drives & POCs for various scenarios at a large scale. For more information about Spektra Systems, Visit www.spektrasystems.com

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