CloudLabs for Cloud ISVs

May 20, 2019
May 20, 2019 CloudLabs

Now, we all know how great your product is, but how to relay that to the customer in a manner which will get rid of any shadow of doubt that may linger in their minds?


Simple, let the customer see for themselves, real-time.


For our treasured ISV’s we offer an increased product outreach and impact experience on our seamless and simple platform more popularly known as the CloudLabs

CloudLabs has the following on offer for ISV’s:

  • Impactful Sales & Marketing with live demos
  • Schedule Custom demos with prospect HOL
  • Automated Test drives for prospect generation
  • Integrated & Controlled Azure
  • Bring your own Azure Subscription
  • Feedback, Survey’s & Marketing

CloudLabs will help you in putting the best stage up for your product.

Experience all this at Microsoft Inspire 2019, Las Vegas


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