Cognitive Service and deep Learning

October 1, 2018 CloudLabs

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100 credits


8 Hours



Data Developer


Tensor Flow

Azure Machine Learning Services

Cognitive Services

Computer Vision API

Text Analytics API

Azure Monitor

Log Analytics

Azure VMs

Application Insights

Security Center

Cognitive Services and Deep Learning – 8 HRS Hands-on Workshop

In this workshop, you will learn to combine both pre-built artificial intelligence (AI) in the form of various Cognitive Services, with custom AI in the form of services built and deployed with Azure Machine Learning services. You will learn to create intelligent solutions atop unstructured text data by designing and implementing a text analytics pipeline. You will also learn how to build a binary classifier using a simple neural network that can be used to classify the textual data. Also, you will learn how to deploy multiple kinds of predictive services using Azure Machine Learning and learn to integrate with the Computer Vision API and the Text Analytics API from Cognitive Services. 


0.5 H

Module-1: Setup Azure Machine Learning accounts

Provision Azure Machine Learning Experimentation service
Create the Azure Machine Learning project

2 H

Module-2: Create and Deploy an Unsupervised Model

Deploy your ACS cluster
Install dependencies
Set Visual Studio Code as the project IDE in Workbench
Create the Summarization service
Deploy the Summarization service

2 H

Module-3: Applying TensorFlow

Prepare TensorFlow
Train and deploy the TensorFlow model

3 H

Module-4: Completing the solution

Deploy the Computer Vision API
Deploy the Text Analytics API
Completing the solution

2 H

Recap and Labs of your choice

Summary of Hands-on Labs Completed
Free to choose additional Scenarios around DevOps and Jenkins