October 5, 2018 Mayank Baweja

Pricing information

40 USD


8 Hours


Application developer

AI developer


Azure Cognitive Services

Azure Cosmos DB

Azure Search

Azure Event Hubs

Azure App Services

Azure Functions

Azure Logic App

Azure Service Bus

Azure Storage

Azure Stream Analytics

Microsoft Bot Framework

Power BI

Intelligent Analytics – 8 HRS Hands-on Workshop

In this workshop you will learn real-time analytics without IoT. You’ll enable intelligent conversation in a machine learning enabled, real-time chat pipeline, and apply analytics to visualize customer sentiment in real time for hotel guests, allowing them to chat with one another, and to communicate directly with the concierge. You’ll apply analytics to visualize customer sentiment in real-time, as well as view trending sentiment over time and create a bot that can answer questions and embed it in the custom web app. You will be able to implement a lambda architecture, and enable web-based, real-time messaging through Web Sockets, Event Hubs, and Services Bus. This hands-on lab is designed to provide exposure to many of Microsoft’s transformative line of business applications built using Microsoft advanced analytics. The goal is to show an end-to-end solution, leveraging many of these technologies, but not necessarily doing work in every component possible.


3 H

Environment setup

Connect to the lab VM
Download and open the Concierge Plus starter solution
Create App Services
Provision Function App
Provision Service Bus
Provision Event Hubs
Provision Azure Cosmos DB
Provision Azure Search
Create Stream Analytics job
Start the Stream Analytics Job
Provision an Azure Storage Account
Provision Cognitive Services

2 H

Implement message forwarding

Implement the event processor
Configure the Chat Message Processor Function App

2 H

Configure the Chat Web App settings

Event Hub connection String
Event Hub name
Service Bus connection String
Chat topic path and chat request topic path

2 H

Deploying the App Services

Publish the ChatMessageSentimentProcessor Function App
Publish the ChatWebApp
Testing hotel lobby chat

2 H

Add intelligence

Implement sentiment analysis
Implement linguistic understanding
Implement speech to text
Re-deploy and test

2 H

Create Logic App for sending SMS notifications

Create Free Twilio account
Provision Logic App
Configure staff notifications
Add negative chat messages to trigger staff notifications

1 H

Building the Power BI dashboard

Create the static dashboard
Create the real-time dashboard
Add a trending sentiment chart to the dashboard

2 H

Enabling search indexing

Verifying message archival
Creating the index and indexer
Update the Web App web.config
Configure the Search API App
Re-publish apps

1 H

Add a bot using Bot service and QnA Maker

Create a QnA service instance in Azure
Create a QnA bot
Embed the bot into your web app