Migrate EDW to Azure SQL Data Warehouse

October 1, 2018 CloudLabs

Pricing information

100 credits


8 Hours



Data Developer


Database Administrator

Database Developer

Application Developer

Business Analyst


Azure Storage

SQL Data Warehouse

Azure Data Factory V2

Analysis Service


Cloud Scale Analytics

Migrate EDW to Azure SQL Data Warehouse – 8 HRS Hands-on Workshop

In this workshop, you will look at the process of migrating an on-premises data warehouse to Azure SQL Data Warehouse. You will look at the planning process for data warehouse migration, identifying schema and data incompatibilities, efficiently migrating data from on-premises databases to the cloud, data distribution in Azure SQL Data Warehouse, migrating ETL jobs to Azure Data Factory, and supporting ad-hoc workloads in an Azure SQL Data Warehouse through Azure Analysis Services. 


2 H

Module-1: Configure Azure Services

Create a logical SQL Server to host SSISDB
Create an Azure Data Factory v2
Create an Azure SQL Data Warehouse
Create an Azure Storage Account
Create Analysis Services
Prepare Environment and Create Migration Accounts

1 H

Module-2: Data and schema preparation

Validate schema and data
Prepare Azure SQL Data Warehouse and migrate schema

1 H

Module-3: Migrate the data to Azure SQL Data Warehouse

Exporting the data from your current data warehouse
Transfer your data to Azure

2 H

Module-4: Migrate an SSIS Package to Data Factory v2

Deploy SSIS Package to Data Factory
Schedule the SSIS Package

2 H

Module 5: Create an Analysis Services Model

Configure Analysis Services backup
Restore Analysis Services backup
Update Analysis Services connections

1 H

Module 6: Visualize data with Power BI Desktop

Install Power BI Desktop
Query data with Power BI Desktop