Modernize education with hands-on labs in AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud

Achieve more, save more

Easy to use Hands-on Labs for Students, Faculties, and Campus-IT

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Say goodbye to huge bills

Use CloudLabs and save up to 80% on lab cost.

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No excessive spending

Pay only for the time when the lab environment is used.

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Leverage fixed pricing option

Unlimited usage for a fixed monthly fee per student.

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    Trusted by Globally Recognized Universities

    Empower students with immersive virtual labs

    Give your students hands-on skills on the latest cutting-edge technology through modern & immersive cloud-based lab environments

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    High knowledge retention

    A seamless interface will ensure the best hands-on learning experience for your students

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    Virtual Computers

    Windows, Linux & MacOS based Hosted Virtual Labs, accessible on all devices, anywhere

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    Ready-to-use Labs

    Pre-built virtual labs for Cloud computing, Machine Learning, Cyber Security and many more.

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    Build labs for your courses

    Define custom lab experiences for long-running courses and facilitate students to perform lab exercises.

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    Let students validate themselves

    Let students take the practice tests and use the skill validation feature to access their skills.

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    Deploy labs across thousands

    Highly scalable virtual labs that can be deployed to many students to aid their learning process.

    But why CloudLabs?

    Our platform gets you hands-on with the cloud, so you can build practical experience that sticks

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    Lab Insights

    Leverage CloudLabs progress tracking and other insights to continuously optimize & improve.


    Accessible Anywhere, Anytime

    Thanks to cloud computing, virtual lab environments can be accessed from any part of the world.

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    Pay-as-you-go Pricing Model

    If you use more resources, you pay more and if you use less resources, you pay less. It’s that simple.


    Integration with Microsoft Teams

    Provide your instructors and students with a collaborative platform and learn together more efficiently.

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    Customizable Labs

    Deploy multiple labs with complex configurations in no time to aid your students.


    24*7 Support

    CloudLabs support team is available 24*7 to asset instructors for any problem to enable a smooth experience for instructors and attendees.

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