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Microsoft Certified Trainers(MCTs) can now utilize the CloudLabs platform to prepare students for their upcoming Certification exams. MCT Pass is designed to help instructors get familiar with the platform and prepare to deliver impactful training with Microsoft hands-on labs.

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Microsoft Certified Trainer Program

About CloudLabs MCT Pass

Microsoft certified trainers (MCTs) can now request limited-time free access to various Microsoft Azure hands-on labs offered by CloudLabs. Try out the labs before deciding to purchase them for your upcoming workshops.

By accessing this you can:

  • Save time with pre-deployed, ready-to-use virtual labs.
  • Experience the various trainer capabilities offered by the platform.
  • Explore and Manage labs using CloudLabs.
  • Purchase labs from the courseware marketplace and manage them through CloudLabs.
  • Be training ready!

Please fill in the form, and you will be contacted within 24 hours with the next steps. CloudLabs platform supports authentication with Azure AD & LinkedIn. Please provide an email address belonging to either an Azure AD (Also known as O365/Work account) or a LinkedIn account.

Please visit this if you need help in sharing your MCT transcript.

    DP-203 Labs are now generally available!

    Qualified MCTs can now request DP-203: Data Engineering on Microsoft Azure labs to prepare for their upcoming schedule DP-203 training course or exam certification. Join CloudLabs MCT Pass program today to get started.

    Lab's Catalogue

    CloudLabs provide ready-to-use Microsoft hands-on labs for courses around Microsoft technologies & the Microsoft Cloud ecosystem. Please contact us at to purchase and request new labs.

    • OD20777 Implementing Microsoft Azure Cosmos DB Solutions (90 Day)
    • 20537BC Configuring and Operating a Hybrid Cloud with Microsoft Azure Stack
    • AI-100 Designing and Implementing an Azure AI Solution
    • AI-900 Microsoft Azure AI Fundamentals
    • AZ-103 Microsoft Azure Administrator
    • AZ-104 Microsoft Azure Administrator
    • AZ-120 Design and Deploy SAP on Azure
    • AZ-140 Configuring and Operating Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop
    • AZ-203 Developing Solutions for Microsoft Azure
    • AZ-220 Microsoft Azure IoT Developer
    • AZ-300 Azure Solutions Architect – Technologies
    • AZ-303 Microsoft Azure Architect Technologies
    • AZ-304 Microsoft Azure Architect Design
    • AZ-400 Designing and Implementing Microsoft DevOps Solutions
    • AZ-500 Microsoft Azure Security Technologies
    • AZ-600 Configuring and Operating a Hybrid Cloud with Microsoft Azure Stack Hub
    • AZ-700 Designing and Implementing Microsoft Azure Networking Solutions
    • AZ-900 Microsoft Azure Fundamentals
    • DP-050 Migrate SQL Workloads to Azure – 2 days
    • DP-060 Migrate NoSQL Workload to Azure Cosmos DB, 1 day
    • DP-070 Migrate Open Source Data Workloads to Azure – 1 day
    • DP-100 Designing and Implementing a Data Science solution on Azure
    • DP-200 Implementing an Azure Data Solution
    • DP-201 Designing an Azure Data Solution
    • DP-203 Data Engineering on Microsoft Azure
    • DP-300 Administering Relational Databases on Microsoft Azure
    • DP-900 Microsoft Azure Data Fundamentals
    • SC-200 Microsoft Security Operations Analyst
    • SC-300 Microsoft Identity and Access Administrator
    • SC-400 Microsoft Information Protection Administrator
    • SC-900 Microsoft Security, Compliance, and Identity Fundamentals
    • MD-100 Windows 10
    • MD-101 Modern Desktop Administrator
    • MS-100 Microsoft 365 Identity and Services
    • MS-101 Microsoft 365 Mobility and Security
    • MS-200 Planning and Configuring a Messaging Platform
    • MS-201 Implementing a Hybrid and Secure Messaging Platform
    • MS-203 Microsoft 365 Messaging
    • MS-300 Deploying Microsoft 365 Teamwork
    • MS-301 Deploying SharePoint Server Hybrid
    • MS-500 Microsoft 365 Security Administration
    • MS-600 Building Applications and Solutions with Microsoft 365 Core Services
    • MS-700 Microsoft Teams Admin
    • MS-740 Troubleshooting Microsoft Teams
    • MS-900 Microsoft 365 Fundamentals
    • DA-100 Analyzing Data with Microsoft Power BI
    • WS-050 Migrating Application Workloads to Azure
    • MLOps with Azure Machine Learning and Azure DevOps
    • Quickly build comprehensive Bot solutions with the Virtual Assistant Solution Accelerator
    • Better models made easy with Automated Machine Learning
    • Creating repeatable processes with Azure Machine Learning pipelines
    • Making deep learning portable with ONNX
    • MB-200 Microsoft Power Platform + Dynamics 365 Core
    • MB-210 Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales
    • MB-220T00 Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing
    • MB-220T01 Configure settings and core functionality in Dynamics 365 Marketing
    • MB-220T02 Set up events and surveys in Dynamics 365 Marketing
    • MB-230 Dynamics 365 Customer Customer Service
    • MB-240 Dynamics 365 for Field Service Track
    • MB-300 Microsoft Dynamics 365: Core Finance and Operations
    • MB-310 Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance
    • MB-320 Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management, Manufacturing
    • MB-330 Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management
    • MB-340 Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce Functional Consultant (beta)
    • MB-500 Microsoft Dynamics 365: Finance and Operations Apps Developer
    • MB-600 Microsoft Dynamics 365 + Power Platform Solution Architect
    • MB-700 Microsoft Dynamics 365: Finance and Operations Apps Solution Architect
    • MB-800 Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Functional Consultant
    • MB-900 Dynamics 365 fundamentals
    • MB-910 Microsoft Dynamics 365 Fundamentals (CRM)
    • MB-920 Microsoft Dynamics 365 Fundamentals (ERP)
    • App modernization
    • Azure Stack
    • Big data and visualization
    • Building a resilient IaaS architecture
    • Business continuity and disaster recovery
    • Cloud-native applications (Infra)
    • Cloud-native applications (Developer)
    • Cognitive services and deep learning
    • Continuous delivery in Azure DevOps
    • Cosmos DB real-time advanced analytics
    • Data Platform upgrade and migration
    • Enterprise-class networking
    • Enterprise-ready cloud
    • Hybrid identity
    • High Performance Computing
    • Intelligent analytics
    • Internet of Things
    • IoT and Smart City
    • Line-of-business-application-migration
    • Machine Learning
    • Migrate EDW to Azure SQL Data Warehouse
    • Migrating SQL databases to Azure
    • ML-Ops
    • Modern cloud apps
    • Modernizing Data Analytics with SQL Server 2019
    • OSS PaaS and DevOps
    • Predictive Maintenance for remote field devices
    • Real-time data with Azure Database for PostgreSQL Hyperscale
    • Securing the IoT end-to-end
    • Security baseline on Azure
    • Serverless architecture
    • SQL Server hybrid cloud
    • Windows Server and SQL Server 2008 R2 end of support planning
    • Azure Virtual Workshop: SAP on Azure
    • Azure Immersion Workshop: Modernize Java Apps
    • Azure Virtual Event: Cloud Security
    • Azure Immersion Workshop: Hybrid Cloud Solutions
    • Azure Immersion Workshop: DevOps with GitHub
    • Azure Virtual Workshop: Internet of Things (IoT)
    • Azure Immersion Workshop: Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD)
    • Azure Immersion Workshop: Infrastructure Migration
    • Azure Immersion Workshop: Cloud-Native Apps
    • Azure Immersion Workshop: .NET App Modernization
    • Azure Immersion Workshop: AI
    • Azure Immersion Workshop: Analytics
    • Azure Immersion Workshop: Data Modernization

    How to buy?

    Microsoft authorized learning partners and MCTs can purchase labs from Microsoft Courseware Marketplace or directly by contacting us.