CloudLabs MCT Pass

Microsoft Certified Trainers(MCTs) can now utilize the CloudLabs platform to prepare students for their upcoming Certification exams. MCT Pass is designed to help instructors get familiar with the platform and prepare to deliver impactful training with Microsoft hands-on labs.

Try out free Labs, Self-Paced Learning and Practice Test on CloudLabs MCT Portal.
Purchase and manage labs for your trainings & workshops
Fully validated labs with 24*7 Support
No Azure Pass/Trials needed
Access to MOC Labs
Prepare to deliver Trainings with CloudLabs

Microsoft Certified Trainer Program

About CloudLabs MCT Pass
CloudLabs enabled MCTs free access to their cutting-edge labs, along with a self-paced learning environment and practice tests. This initiative aims to showcase the numerous benefits of using CloudLabs’ labs for MCTs, enabling them to explore hands-on learning opportunities in a flexible and convenient manner. Try out the labs before deciding to purchase them for your upcoming workshops.
By accessing this you can:
  • Save time with pre-deployed, ready-to-use virtual labs.
  • Experience the various trainer capabilities offered by the platform.
  • Explore and Manage labs using CloudLabs.
  • Submit Lab request directly from CloudLabs admin portal.
  • Be training ready!

Please fill in the form, and you will be contacted within 24 hours with the next steps. CloudLabs platform supports authentication with Azure AD / LinkedIn / Microsoft Account etc.

Please provide an email address belonging to either an Azure AD (Also known as O365/Work account) or a LinkedIn account.

Please visit this if you need help in sharing your MCT transcript.

    CloudLabs Expert Program

    Become a CloudLabs expert to get access to exclusive paid engagements such as training delivery, courseware development, webinars etc.

    How to buy?

    Microsoft authorized learning partners and MCTs can purchase labs from Microsoft Courseware Marketplace or directly by contacting us.