Product Roadmap

Latest updates on CloudLabs
Support Nested Templates (Upcoming)

The support for Nested Templates will ensure that the deployments are easy and straightforward for all the scenarios in Azure.

CloudLabs and CloudEvents (Hackathons) receive COPPA certification

The Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) imposes certain requirements on operators of websites or online services to protect the privacy of children under the age of 13.

Recursive VM Uptime

The overall lab duration can be split according to the course duration. A 3-hour lab can be split across three months limiting usage of 1 hour per month. The uptime will automatically replenish after 30 days. Course admins can schedule the uptime to align with their courses/ODLS. It improves cost efficiency and reduces the manual effort for VM Uptime extension.

Cloudlabs VM agent

The CloudLabs VM agent will trigger notifications when VMs are idle to save resources. It will help shut down Virtual Machines when not in use, enable notifications, and optimize costs.

September 2022
CloudLabs and CloudEvents receive FERPA certification

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) of 1974 supports and promotes the protection of privacy and reasonable governance of student education records.

June 2022
Credit Split across the required course duration.

Instructors can split credit limits for students over the course of semesters to ensure a smooth transition of resources from semester to semester and avoid undue overuse.

June 2022
Spektra Systems Successfully Completes SOC 2 Type II Certification and GDPR Readiness

SOC 2 requires companies to establish and follow strict information security policies and procedures, encompassing the security, availability, and confidentiality of all customer data. There were more than 90 control points defined for which Spektra provided all the required evidence and specimens successfully completing the audit and receiving the Compliance Status Report from the auditors.

May 2022
Spektra Systems has earns the Windows Server and SQL Server Migration to Microsoft Azure Advanced Specialization

This is yet another milestone achieved by Spektra Systems, demonstrating the years of experience and expertise it has gained in successfully migrating client workloads to Azure. Alongside Windows and SQL server migration, ISVs, organizations, and educational Institutions can leverage CloudLabs to migrate their lab infrastructure to Cloud and benefit from Azure on-demand labs provisioning. and benefit from Azure on-demand labs provisioning.

March 2022
AWS Resource Cleanup

CloudLabs is currently providing a number of AWS resources for VMs, and many more are to be added shortly. Meanwhile, users can enjoy efficient clean-up of resources after lab termination.

February 2022
The all-new Optimized disc cost feature with SKU alteration depending upon VM status.

CloudLabs’ primary focus is to enable efficient usage of resources that generate minimum billables. With this new feature, CloudLabs generates an automated process wherein SKU alters between Premium SSD and Standard HDD  upon stopping and restarting VMs. This ensures saving resources when labs are idle or not in use and help you optimize your cloud spend.

January 2022
Cloudlabs enables Credit based allocation for effective resource consumption

Credit based allocation is a new feature that helps instructors/students to track their credit consumption. Once the admin/instructor assigns a certain credit limit for students, Cloudlabs will send timely notifications based on consumption to instructors and students. Instructors can decide credit thresholds which is the percentage of resource consumption based on which notifications will be triggered.

November 2021
CloudLabs Releases New Dashboard

CloudLabs has released a new feature, an update though aimed at our long-term partner Databricks but serving all our clients and users. With this update, instructors can now access all information from their Dashboards at one place.

VM Uptime

The VM Uptime feature enables admins to set the VM Uptime at the ODL Level. If the VM uptime is set at 40 minutes for an 8-hour lab, once the attendees lab VM runs for 40 minutes, it will be shut down by CloudLabs. If attendees wish to extend the VM uptime, they should reach out to the instructor. This feature helps optimize the cost of running a lab.

Lab validation

CloudLabs enables validations that help instructors/admins to monitor the progress and efficiency of lab delivery. They can know whether the student/attendee has performed the lab and also validate if the steps were performed correctly.

Instructor Shadow

Instructors can monitor the attendee environment and help them fix their issues without using their credentials. Instructors can also use their credentials to monitor the attendee's cloud environments.

Usage Policy

The alerting mechanism sends alerts to the admin team if a student deploys the resource's SKU more than required. Admins can configure the number of cores, SKUs, and other specifications of resources that are to be deployed in the lab.

VM access over HTTPS

Some companies have security constraints which blocks them from accessing Machines using the Remote Desktop Protocol. To overcome this, CloudLabs supports VM access over HTTPS enabling users to access their lab VMs through any browser of their choice.