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Microsoft Learning Partners can get Azure Pass based Microsoft Official Curriculum labs through CloudLabs. 

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CloudLabs - Microsoft Authorized Lab Hoster

Microsoft Authorized Lab Hoster

Azure Pass Based Labs

Azure Pass is available for Microsoft Courses including AZ-140, AZ-400, MS-720, PL-400, PL-500, SC-200 and SC-300.

CloudLabs is an authorized Azure Pass based Labs provider for Microsoft courses. 

Price: USD 2.5 per Lab Seat

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Course IDCourse TitleTypeDurationKeywords
AZ-140Configuring and Operating Microsoft Azure Virtual DesktopAzure Pass Lab30 daysAzure Pass Lab
AZ-400Designing and Implementing Microsoft DevOps SolutionsAzure Pass Lab30 daysAzure Pass Lab
SC-200Microsoft Security Operations AnalystAzure Pass Lab30 daysAzure Pass Lab
SC-300Microsoft Identity and Access AdministratorAzure Pass Lab30 daysAzure Pass Lab
PL-400Microsoft Power Platform DeveloperAzure Pass Lab30 daysAzure Pass Lab
PL-500Microsoft Power Automate RPA DeveloperAzure Pass Lab30 daysAzure Pass Lab
MS-720Microsoft Teams Voice EngineerAzure Pass Lab30 daysAzure Pass Lab
AZ-900Microsoft Azure FundamentalsManaged Lab30 daysManaged Lab
SC-900Microsoft Security, Compliance, and Identity FundamentalsManaged Lab30 daysManaged Lab
DP-900Microsoft Azure Data FundamentalsManaged Lab30 daysManaged Lab
AI-900Microsoft Azure AI FundamentalsManaged Lab30 daysManaged Lab
MS-900Microsoft 365 FundamentalsManaged Lab30 daysManaged Lab
PL-900Microsoft Power Platform FundamentalsManaged Lab02 daysManaged Lab
MB-910Microsoft Dynamics 365 Fundamentals (CRM)Managed Lab30 daysManaged Lab
MB-920Microsoft Dynamics 365 Fundamentals (ERP)Managed Lab01 dayManaged Lab
AZ-104Microsoft Azure AdministratorManaged Lab30 daysManaged Lab
AZ-120Planning and Administering Microsoft Azure for SAP WorkloadsManaged Lab30 daysManaged Lab
AZ-140Configuring and Operating Microsoft Azure Virtual DesktopManaged Lab30 daysManaged Lab
AZ-204Developing Solutions for Microsoft AzureManaged Lab30 daysManaged Lab
AZ-305Designing Microsoft Azure Infrastructure SolutionsManaged Lab30 daysManaged Lab
AZ-400Designing and Implementing Microsoft DevOps SolutionsManaged Lab30 daysManaged Lab
AZ-500Microsoft Azure Security TechnologiesManaged Lab30 daysManaged Lab
AZ-700Designing and Implementing Microsoft Azure Networking SolutionsManaged Lab30 daysManaged Lab
AZ-720Troubleshooting Microsoft Azure ConnectivityManaged Lab30 daysManaged Lab
AZ-800Administering Windows Server Hybrid Core InfrastructureManaged Lab04 daysManaged Lab
AZ-801Configuring Windows Server Hybrid Advanced ServicesManaged Lab04 daysManaged Lab
AI-102Designing and Implementing a Microsoft Azure AI SolutionManaged Lab30 daysManaged Lab
DP-100Designing and Implementing a Data Science solution on AzureManaged Lab30 daysManaged Lab
DP-203Data Engineering on Microsoft AzureManaged Lab04 daysManaged Lab
DP-300Administering Relational Databases on Microsoft AzureManaged Lab30 daysManaged Lab
DP-420Azure Cosmos DB Developer SpecialtyManaged Lab30 daysManaged Lab
DP-500Designing and Implementing Enterprise-Scale Analytics Solutions
Using Microsoft Azure and Microsoft Power BI
Managed Lab30 daysManaged Lab
DP-600Implementing Analytics Solutions Using Microsoft FabricManaged Lab30 daysManaged Lab
PL-100Microsoft Power Platform App MakerManaged Lab04 daysManaged Lab
PL-200Microsoft Power Platform Functional ConsultantManaged Lab05 daysManaged Lab
PL-300Microsoft Power BI Data AnalystManaged Lab30 daysManaged Lab
PL-500Microsoft Power Automate RPA DeveloperManaged Lab30 daysManaged Lab
PL-600Power Platform Solution ArchitectManaged Lab04 daysManaged Lab
SC-200Microsoft Security Operations AnalystManaged Lab30 daysManaged Lab
SC-300Microsoft Identity and Access AdministratorManaged Lab30 daysManaged Lab
MS-102Microsoft 365 Administrator EssentialsManaged Lab05 daysManaged Lab
SC-400Microsoft Information Protection AdministratorManaged Lab04 daysManaged Lab
MS-500Microsoft 365 Security AdministrationManaged Lab30 daysManaged Lab
MS-700Managing Microsoft TeamsManaged Lab30 daysManaged Lab
MB-220Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Insights (Journeys) Functional ConsultantManaged Lab30 daysManaged Lab
MB-230Dynamics 365 for customer engagement for Customer ServiceManaged Lab04 daysManaged Lab
MB-240Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field ServiceManaged Lab04 daysManaged Lab
MB-300Microsoft Dynamics 365: Core Finance and OperationsManaged Lab30 daysManaged Lab
MB-310Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance Functional ConsultantManaged Lab30 daysManaged Lab
MB-320Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management, ManufacturingManaged Lab30 daysManaged Lab
MB-500Finance and Operations Apps DeveloperManaged Lab30 daysManaged Lab
MB-800Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Functional ConsultantManaged Lab30 daysManaged Lab
MD-102Microsoft 365 Endpoint AdministratorManaged Lab05 daysManaged Lab

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Microsoft Course Labs without Azure Pass

Azure Pass is only available for MS-720, PL-400, PL-500, SC-200, SC-300, AZ-140, AZ-400.

CloudLabs provides hands-on labs for all Microsoft courses without the need of any Azure Pass. 

Managed Azure & M365

No need of Azure Pass/Trial for any lab
Fully managed labs hosted in commercial Azure subscriptions
Microsoft cloud software licenses included
Microsoft Learning Partners
Why CloudLabs

Why CloudLabs?

Lab Validation to Monitor Student Progress and Lab Completion

CloudLabs validates learners’ work by assessing their lab environments
Students can self-assess their lab progress and correct mistakes
Wholesome instructor controls shadow learners' labs, review progress, and provide targeted feedback

Azure Pass Based Labs

Available for Qualifying 7 MOC Courses.
CloudLabs provided Azure tenant for Pass Consumption & Tracking.
Bulk discounts available.

Commercial Azure Based Labs

Available for MOC Courses where Azure Pass isn’t available.
Includes Commercial Azure subscription access for the course duration.
Pre-vetted Hands-on labs with Lab Progress Validation

Open Azure Sandbox

Issue USD 50 (~1week) or USD 100 (1-4 Weeks) Azure Credits.
Auto-suspend on credit exhaustion.
Pay for Cloud Consumption as per actual, get credits for unused cloud spend.

We’ve helped Microsoft Learning Partners deliver 5,000+ hands-on workshops globally.

Watch the following videos to learn more.

Fixed Pricing Model

Fixed Price for Azure Pass based Labs
Fixed Price for Commercial Azure Labs (Without Azure Pass / Trial)
No need to worry about cloud spends, everything is included
On Demand Labs
Launch pre-validated labs within seconds according to your requirements without any hassle
Instructor Control
Monitor progress and provide real-time guidance with shadow labs feature for a look-over-the-shoulder experience
LMS Integration
Integrate with your own LMS to enable integrated learning experience via LTI or direct API.
Microsoft Course Labs without Azure Pass

How to purchase labs?

You can purchase labs by submitting request directly to CloudLabs Portal or by contacting CloudLabs Sales at We have also created this step-by-step submit Lab request guide to help you out. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

The courses that will be available from April 1st for Azure Pass Labs are MS-720, PL-400, PL-500, SC-200, SC-300, AZ-140, and AZ-400.

The credit limit for Azure Pass Courses is $50 for MS-720, PL-400, PL-500, SC-200, and SC-300 courses, and $100 for AZ-140 and AZ-400 courses. 

The Azure Pass expires after 30 days.

Only Microsoft Learning Partners can purchase Azure Pass Labs.

No, as per Microsoft’s guidance, Azure Pass is only available for the MS-720, PL-400, PL-500, SC-200, SC-300, AZ-140, and AZ-400 courses. Therefore, partners cannot purchase Azure Passes for other courses.

starting April 1st, Azure Passes will no longer be available on Courseware Marketplace.

Partners need to submit the details by clicking on “Request Access to Place order” Team will add you to the CloudLabs portal and you can submit the lab request directly to CloudLabs portal.

Once the Partner submits the lab request, the team will prepare and send an invoice to the Partner. After the Partner makes the payment, the support team will approve the lab request and contact the Partner within four hours to share the lab access details.

Users will get Azure tenant, Azure Pass code and Lab guide.

Please check our Labs catalogue which also includes pricing and lab duration details.

Labs not available under pass are available as per the Microsoft Official duration for the courses. Please check our Labs Catalogue for more details.