CloudLabs for Education

Transforming technology learning in Education Industry

CloudLabs helps colleges and other higher education institutions by providing the means for real-world technology learning for educational courses.

CloudLabs helps students be market-ready by keeping them updated on the latest cutting-edge technology experience through modern cloud-based lab environments.

Technology is advancing everyday, CloudLabs helps students by keeping them updated on the latest cutting edge technology experience through modern cloud based lab environments.

Enable Practical Learning
Access from Anywhere
Secure and Flexible
Room to experiment
Cost Effective
Lab Progress Tracking


Custom Labs for Long running courses

Professors and teachers can define custom lab experiences for long-running courses-, facilitating students to perform lab exercises as they progress through the semester.

Virtual Labs – Available from anywhere

Students and teachers can access the labs from their home, college or anywhere else, as all CloudLabs resources are hosted in public clouds near to your location

Inexpensive Pricing model

With consumption based pricing for the labs, you can pay for the time you’re using the lab environment and keep saved state for months

Lab Progress and Scoring

Teachers can specify scoring based on actual exercises completion status and thus track student’s progress

LMS Integration

Optionally, integrate with your existing learning management solutions through CloudLabs simple and flexible APIs.

No Infrastructure needed

Just the internet connection and a HTML5 browser will get your students everything they need to perform real world technology learning.

Copenhagen School of Design and Technology uses CloudLabs to train students around security technologies.

Industry Leading 24*7 Support

CloudLabs is a feature rich platform to provision almost any kind of technology lab environments. CloudLabs support team is available 24*7 to asset instructors for any problem during the labs. With experience of handling more than 1000 events and 50000 deployments per month, our support teams are equipped with best in class tools and processes to enable a smooth experience for instructors and attendees.