Fast and Simple Cloud Sandbox Provisioning

Cloud Orchestration

We all have development environments which needs to be refreshed regularly, deleted regularly only to be re-created again. CloudLabs automated provisioning helps companies automate their development and other environment provisioning and lifecycle.


CloudLabs is proven to help companies reduce the provisioning and setup times by 90% , helping them ship products faster than ever before.
  • Ship Products faster 
  • Reduce environment provisioning time by 90%
  • Supercharge development teams 
  • Fast and Better QA 
  • Eliminate management overhead and manual intervention
  • Track and control environment’s lifecycle and costs


Build Once and deploy multiple times: CloudLabs lets you define the environment definition once and re-use it every time you need to build a new sandbox in cloud.
Multi-Cloud Support

Enables vendor-agnostic deployment definition and customized rebuild for every new sandbox in the cloud.

Various Automation Options

Provides a combination of automated technologies including cloud provider templates, automation script, and many other platform extensions.

Tracking and Management

Tracks cloud spend closely against a specific business unit with end to end approval mechanisms for provisioning and management.

Cost Savings

Limits cloud spend by using the platform’s inbuilt functionality to auto-stop and auto-delete environments based on dynamic conditions.

Industry Leading 24*7 Support

CloudLabs is a feature rich platform to provision almost any kind of technology lab environments. CloudLabs support team is available 24*7 to asset instructors for any problem during the labs. With experience of handling more than 1000 events and 50000 deployments per month, our support teams are equipped with best in class tools and processes to enable a smooth experience for instructors and attendees.