The Complete Guide to the EDUCAUSE Annual Conference 2023

The Complete Guide to the EDUCAUSE Annual Conference 2023

The world of education is in a state of rapid transformation, driven by evolving learning trends, technological advancements, and shifting student expectations. While educators and industry experts are tirelessly working to address these challenges through cutting-edge EdTech solutions, there’s still much ground to cover. Fortunately, the EDUCAUSE community stands at the forefront of identifying these obstacles and fostering discussions to pave the way for sustainable solutions, collaborations, and improved outcomes. 

The EDUCAUSE Annual Conference, a prominent gathering of global education industry stakeholders, plays a pivotal role in advancing these efforts. The event, which offers both in-person and online components, will take place in Chicago, with the in-person segment occurring from October 9-12 and the virtual portion running from October 18-19. 

Who Will Be There? 

The conference promises to attract a diverse audience of educational leaders and technology providers from around the world. It serves as a platform for sharing innovative solutions and experiences in addressing the challenges facing higher education. Among the attendees, the CloudLabs team will also be present, ready to contribute their expertise.  

Program Tracks 

The conference will feature a comprehensive lineup of program tracks that cater to the diverse needs and interests of attendees: 

  1. Cybersecurity, Privacy, and Compliance
  2. Data Insights to Data Action 
  3. Future of Work and Today’s Workforce 
  4. Infrastructure, Support, and Networking 
  5. Innovation and Emerging Technologies 
  6. Leadership, Partnerships, and Strategy 
  7. Moving Toward a Frictionless Student Experience 
  8. Supporting Research Computing 
  9. Teaching and Learning 

Why Should You Attend ?

If you hold a position of authority in your educational institution or have any involvement in Higher Ed IT, this conference is tailor-made for you. The conference’s Exhibit Hall will host industry leaders showcasing their latest technological solutions to the higher education community. 

The event also includes a range of exciting activities, such as Start-up Alley, which provides emerging EdTech organizations like CloudLabs the opportunity to showcase their products and capabilities to Campus IT leaders.

This event is a chance for EdTech startups to gain exposure, build connections, and receive valuable feedback. 

Exhibition Hall: 
Explore a diverse range of exhibitors’ products and services during this year’s in-person event. Our conference exhibition hall is a hub of specialists offering innovative campus technology solutions tailored for higher education. Additionally, the hall hosts various engaging activities alongside the exhibits. 

Networking Opportunities: 
Join our conference attendees in a multitude of networking opportunities, both online and in person. These opportunities come in various formats, including: 

  • Informal meet-ups 
  • Career coaching sessions 
  • Mentoring opportunities 
  • Moderated discussions 
  • Community group gatherings 
  • Bird-of-a-feather meet-ups 
  • Braindates, and more. 

Conference Location and Venue: 

  • Event: EDUCAUSE Annual Conference 2023 
  • Location: McCormick Place, Chicago 


  • EDUCAUSE provides a list of recommended hotel and room rates for your convenience.

More Info: Hotel and Travel | EDUCAUSE Events 

Exhibit Hall Hours: 

  • Tuesday, October 10: 10:15 a.m. – 4:45 p.m.
  • Wednesday, October 11: 10:15 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.
  • Location: Hall F, Level 3

More Info: Exhibit Hall | EDUCAUSE Events 

Networking Reception: 

  • Date: Tuesday, October 10
  • Time: 3:00 p.m. – 4:45 p.m.

Registration Desk: 

  • Location: W183A, Level 1
  • Open from 7 a.m. on Monday, October 9, through Wednesday, October 11.

More Info: Agenda | EDUCAUSE Events 

These key details should help you prepare for and navigate the EDUCAUSE Annual Conference 2023 with ease. 

 Engage with CloudLabs at EDUCAUSE  

CloudLabs will be exhibiting at this year’s convention at Educause. Meet them at booth 1242 on Monday, October 9 to Thursday, October 12th. Drop by to chat with them or get a free demo of their platform.  

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CloudLabs offers a versatile virtual IT labs platform with multiple use cases, including teaching, training, workshops, virtual events, sales demos, and proof of concepts. It has empowered ISVs, educational institutions, and training providers to deliver hands-on experiences for effective technology learning, operations, and sales. 

 Key Features of CloudLabs  

  1. Hands-on Labs: Institutions can leverage virtual hands-on labs to train students in practical skills, with features like instant lab deployments, pre-configured labs, self-paced MOC labs, and custom labs for long-running courses.
  2. Cost-Cutting Features:  CloudLabs provides tools for effective cost management, including credit-based allocation, lab uptime control, and daily cost reports and analytics, helping institutions reduce infrastructure costs by up to 80%.
  3. Strong Automation Framework:  Automate various tasks at scale, allowing instructors to focus on teaching instead of administrative duties.
  4. Ease of Access:  CloudLabs offers hassle-free onboarding with instant lab spin-ups via web browsers, eliminating the need for IT staff intervention.
  5. Shadow Labs:  Instructors can monitor individual lab environments in real time, providing support and guidance to students as needed.
  6. Multi-Cloud Compatibility:  Integrate virtual labs with leading cloud providers, including AWS, Microsoft Azure, and GCP.
  7. Instant Support:  CloudLabs boasts an exceptional support team with Level 2 engineers and highly qualified Azure consultants, ensuring full coverage during events and continuous assistance.

 Rule out the complexities associated with remote learning with CloudLabs 

Educational institutions must align their course designs with industry requirements to bridge the existing skills gap. CloudLabs provides a platform for students to gain hands-on experience with the latest technology, helping them learn real-world values like cost management. The upcoming EDUCAUSE conference is an excellent opportunity to explore your options and select the right solutions for your institution, staff, and students. 

 Meet CloudLabs at EDUCAUSE Booth #1242

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The annual Educause Conference in October is more than an event—it’s a confluence of ideas, innovation, and strategies to address higher education’s most pressing challenges. This year, CloudLabs is thrilled to be part of this pivotal conference, showcasing solutions that answer the unique needs of higher education institutions. 

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