Build & Consume Hands-on Labs

Hands-On Labs

CloudLabs provides content creators and facilitators with the ability to build a hands-on lab framework that can be re-used during workshops, training, demonstrations, proof of concepts, etc.

Hands On Labs
Build Once and Re-Use
The platform allows you to define your lab once and deploy it a thousand times, with each lab environment being unique and personal for each participant.
The platform integrates with all the leading cloud providers, making it customizable for unique application experiences.
Inbuilt Automation Capabilities
The platform includes a strong automation framework that enables creators, instructors, and proctors to simulate an actual environment with real-time control every single time with no manual intervention.
Personalized Lab Experiences
Every participant will have their unique lab environment with full control.
Global Availability
Available across the globe, enabling you to choose the deployment nearest to your location for best experiences.
Skill Validation
Validate participants' skills during the course by live progress tracking and leaderboard.
Hands On Labs

Immersive Experience

CloudLabs enables immersive content experience for consumers, which is spread across multiple dimensions.

Lab environment
Practice Test
Lab Content
Lab VM Operations
Progress Tracking

With CloudLabs, Instructors are in control.

Instructors, proctors, and stakeholders have visibility of every lab environment which is being consumed.

Labs Access of every participant
Manage Lab provisioning and management
Track progress
Cost Tracking and Reporting
Over the shoulder view for Lab VMs
Schedule Lab Actions

Industry Leading 24*7 Support

CloudLabs is a feature-rich platform to provide almost any kind of technology lab environments. CloudLabs support team is available 24*7 to asset instructors for any problem during the labs. With the experience of handling more than 1,000 events and 50,000 deployments per month, our support teams are equipped with best-in-class tools and processes to enable a smooth experience for instructors and attendees.