Introducing Databricks Lab Environment for Academics

Introducing Databricks Lab Environment for Academics

Data science and AI are not just buzzwords. They are the driving forces behind innovation in sectors like healthcare, finance, transportation, and entertainment. Their ability to automate tasks, enhance decision-making, and create new products and services underscores the increasing demand for these skills. 

Artificial Intelligence and data science are reshaping the world around us, including the ways of teaching and learning the same.   

CloudLabs x Databricks University Alliance 

With the goal to redefine Data and AI Education, CloudLabs and Databricks University Alliance have joined forces, presenting Databricks Lab Environment 

The Databricks Lab Environment helps drive innovation across the data and AI community, ensuring access to an interactive learning space consisting of secure, budget-friendly, and tailor-made hands-on labs suitable for teaching and learning – Data, AI, and Cloud skills.  

Who Is It For? 

The Databricks Labs are flexible, tailor-made, and easy to access, suiting the interest of everyone keen to upscale their knowledge in fields of Data, AI, and Cloud technology.  

Databricks Labs Environment For AcademicsVarious use cases
FacultyFully managed Databricks Lab Environment seamlessly integrates with existing course structure across different departments of an institution.
LearnersLearners can continue with Databricks Lab Environment for educational purposes. The hands-on labs are easy to deploy and flexible, which one can access at their convenience.
ProfessionalsProfessionals can get access to customized Databricks Lab Environment on request and continue with their learning experience.


Databricks Lab Environment – Offerings 

Driving innovation in the field of Data and AI, the Databricks Lab Environment is available in 5 different plans with multiple features enabled. Follow the table below for an overview of the whole space:  

Databricks Lab Environment Configuration SKUs/ Features AvailableAccess to Shared WorkspaceAll-Purpose Compute ClusterCluster CapacityInstructor PermissionsStudent PermissionsSQL Warehouse Capacity
CPU ClusterApproveApprove
i3.xlargeCan Manage Can Restart Close
CPU Cluster & SQL WarehouseApprove
i3.xlarge Can Manage Can Restart 2X-Small
GPU ClusterApprove
Can Manage Can Restart Close
SQL WarehouseApprove
g4dn.xlarge Can Manage Can Use 2X-Small
GPU Cluster & SQL WarehouseApprove
g4dn.xlargeCan Manage Can Use 2X-Small


Additionally, you also get access to a heap of advanced features within the Databricks Lab environment. 

  • Data Engineering 
  • Vector Search 
  • Databricks Assistant 
  • Machine Learning 

We also provide customization on lab duration! Reach out to us at for further assistance. Otherwise, with regular lab environments, you get  

  • 2 months (1460 hours) Lab Duration & 72 Hours Cluster Uptime 
  • 4 months (2920 hours) Lab Duration & 136 Hours Cluster Uptime 

Benefits of Databricks Lab Environment 

With access to Databricks Lab Environments, educators can focus more on priority tasks rather than investing time in repetitive content. Thus making the teaching experience easier and more efficient. Continue with the reading task to get an in-depth overview of the benefits included: 

  • Fixed-Cost Databricks Lab Environment: Labs within Databricks Lab Environment are available for a fixed cost and come fully managed.  
  • Fixed Time on CPU/GPU Lab Environments: We offer scheduled CPU/GPU timings on individual Databricks Lab Environments. Extensions are also available on demand. 
  • Independent Access: Pre-existing Databricks or Cloud Accounts are not mandatory to be a part of the Databricks Lab environment experience. You can sign up independently with your Google, Microsoft, or CloudLabs account.    
  • Unlimited DBU Credits: The lab environments come equipped with unlimited DBU credits, assuring seamless operations ahead.  
  • Easy to Access Lab Spaces:  Labs within Databricks Lab Environment are easy to deploy. Participants can start accessing the assigned lab space over any web browser and a stable internet connection.  
  • Advanced Admin Capabilities: Admins/instructors can create catalogs & manage permissions for individual learners. With Shadow VM, they can access and manage student environments. 
  • Multi-platform Flexibility: Databricks labs are hosted in AWS, which, on request, can be hosted on Azure & GCP as well. 
  • 24×7 Support: Our dedicated customer care executives are available 24 x 7, offering quick resolution to lab-related complexities.   

Final Words 

CloudLabs is consistent in its commitment to revolutionizing the education sector. With Databricks Lab Environment, we move forward towards providing accessible, practical, and flexible lab spaces, driving innovation and success in the fields of AI, Data Science, and Cloud Computing.  

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