Track & Monitor Learner’s Lab progress with CloudLabs

Track & Monitor Learner’s Lab progress with CloudLabs

Instructor control and monitoring play a crucial role in hands-on lab experiences, offering significant benefits to both educators and students. They provide instructors with the necessary tools to efficiently oversee the lab environments, validate lab completion, and award grades. Real-time monitoring allows instructors to easily track students’ progress, keeping them on the right path and ensuring accurate completion of tasks. 

Moreover, instructor control and monitoring enable educators to provide timely guidance and support throughout the lab exercises. They can promptly address students’ questions, clarify doubts, and rectify misconceptions. This level of assistance enhances the learning experience, boosts student confidence, and promotes effective understanding of the concepts at hand. 

CloudLabs provide a range of features that enable effective instructor control and monitoring: 

  • Hands-on Skill Validation 

Monitor your students’ progress and skill development effortlessly using our skill validation feature. You can easily keep track of their progress, ensure they complete labs properly, identify areas of difficulty, and provide guidance accordingly. Stay updated on your students’ lab progress and completion with CloudLabs’ lab validation feature. 

CloudLabs can validate the lab environment against targets, enabling educators to verify if learners have attained the required hands-on skills.  

  • Over the Shoulder View of Students’ Labs 

CloudLabs’ shadow labs feature offers the unique ability for instructors to monitor progress and provide real-time guidance to students. With this feature, instructors can observe and control students’ labs. Now seamlessly navigate and mentor your students on-the-spot, optimizing productivity and guaranteeing successful outcomes. 

  • Evaluation and Grading 

CloudLabs empowers instructors to effortlessly review, evaluate, and grade student work by ensuring the proper execution of lab exercises. Streamline your assessment process, saving time and ensuring accurate results. 

Watch this video to experience and learn CloudLabs’ instructor controls and monitoring in a cloud environment with this video curated in a CloudLabs hands-on learning environment.

Ensure lab completion, provide comprehensive guidance, and enable accurate grading with CloudLabs’ powerful instructor controls and monitoring. Elevate your teaching process with ease and precision.

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