October 1, 2018 CloudLabs

Pricing information

100 credits


8 Hours


IT Professional

IT Infrastructure Specialist




Virtual Machines

Azure Portal

Azure CLI

App Services on Linux

Database for MySQL

Azure Resource Manager templates

MySQL Workbench

Linux Lift and Shift – 8 HRS Hands-on Workshop

In this one-day training course along with hands-on lab, you learn about various strategies of migrating Linux servers to Azureand will migrate an on-premises based sample help desk application called OsTicket, to Azure. This will be a two-phase lab to lift-and-shift the application into Azure IaaS and then migrate it to Azure PaaS. The application is Linux based using Apache, PHP and MySQL (LAMP). During the process of these phases, you will learn how to ensure zero data loss. 


4 H

Module 1: Migrate to Azure IaaS VM Scale Sets and MySQL cluster

Simulate on-prem Infrastructure
Deploy the MySQL HA cluster
Connect to the MySQL cluster and restore the database
Deploy the Virtual Machine Scale Set for the sample Application
Connect the MySQLVNet to the Scale Sets VNet
Export the database from the MySQL cluster and migrate to Azure

3 H

Module 2: Migrate the Sample application from Azure IaaS to PaaS

Create the MySQL database
Restore the database to MySQL PaaS
Create the Web App
Migrate the on-prem sample application to WebApp

1 H

Recap and Labs of your choice

Summary of Hands-on Labs Completed
Free to choose additional Scenarios around Linux on Azure