SAP on Microsoft Cloud

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SAP on Microsoft Cloud
Hands-on Labs

SAP on Microsoft Cloud

Explore the integration of SAP and non-SAP data in Azure Synapse Pipelines in this comprehensive lab. Dive into extracting essential data like Sales Orders and IoT Hub device info. Execute SQL scripts on tables like SalesOrderHeaders, SalesOrderItems, Payments, and IoT Hub data. Utilize AML, PowerBI, and Power Automate to create and share reports via Teams.
Lab Description

In this comprehensive lab, participants will journey through the intricate processes of integrating SAP and non-SAP data flows using Azure Synapse Pipelines. The hands-on lab dives deep into the extraction of crucial data, including Sales Orders and IoT Hub device information. This hands-on experience is accentuated by executing SQL scripts that review specific tables such as SalesOrderHeaders, SalesOrderItems, Payments, and IoT Hub device and later using AML, PowerBI and power automate services to generate and share various reports to the teams channel.


Prior experience with SAP systems and their infrastructure requirements.

Learning objective

Embark on a comprehensive journey in this lab, mastering the integration of SAP and non-SAP data via Azure Synapse Pipelines. Dive into intricate data extraction, encompassing Sales Orders and IoT Hub data. Employ SQL scripts to analyze key tables like SalesOrderHeaders, SalesOrderItems, Payments, and IoT Hub devices. Enhance learning by utilizing AML, Power BI, and Power Automate to create diverse reports and share them efficiently through Teams channels.

Lab Exercises
Get Start with Combine and streamline SAP and non-SAP Data Flow
Configure data Visualization and Publish with PowerBI
Predict the cash flow using Azure Machine learning
Import workflow tp export the PowerBI Sales report and sharing it with MS teams
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SAP on Microsoft Cloud
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