Meet CloudLabs At

DATA AI Summit

Increase Sales and Marketing outreach with virtual hands-on labs for Training, Demos, and POCs


Run lab environment from a browser and experience practical scenarios hands-on

Showcase your cloud solutions, expand your market reach, and increase sales.

Enable Seamless Hands-on Experience every single time, and

Keep your customers engaged and prospects fascinated about your product
Gain prospects faster by adding hands-on immersion to your marketing campaign and events
Turn your product's capabilities into a practical experience that accelerates ROI
Increase product awareness by hosting events, workshops, and conference at scale with hands-on labs

Drive better awareness and stand out among competitors

Convert prospects into customers by delivering engaging virtual sales demos and POCs in the cloud.
Spin up impactful free trial environments in minutes and monitor engagement to optimize the sale.
Make better data-informed decision by closely monitoring progress made in each specific Demo or POC instance.
Multi-cloud compatibility on Azure, AWS, and GCP, or bring your own cloud.

About CloudLabs

CloudLabs hands-on lab platform for ISVs is designed to enable modern immersive technology experiences. CloudLabs boosts better customer engagement and drives faster prospect generation with hands-on virtual IT labs for Training, POCs, and Demos.

On-demand Lab provider at the world’s largest Databricks Data + AI Summit
Delivering 10,000 Virtual Labs for Data and AI enthusiasts on services that includes
delta lake
Enable impactful Data and AI experiences with CloudLabs
Provisioning and managing Databricks environments at scale
Building and deploying various Data and AI solutions, including Delta Lake
Multi-cloud support on Azure, AWS, and GCP
Provisioning, Support, Security & more.

CloudLabs is integrated with various monitoring and validation tools to ensure a fast, effortless, and effective experience for your prospects.

Support & Monitoring

Quickly request support in real-time from instructors
Shadow labs to monitor progress and provide support on the go
24/7 support for seamless learning journey without having to stumble upon any technical issues.

Security & Availability

Built-in custom “Alerting Mechanism” to track any failed deployment
Leverage “Validation Jobs” to identify the root cause analysis for any real-time deployment failure
Participants can raise tickets related to infrastructure failure
Set the right tuning with unmatched cloud experience

Impactful sandbox environment that empowers partners to boost marketing outreach and increase sales effortlessly.

Deploy in minutes, all you need is a browser & an internet connection

From hosting events that generates prospects, to showcasing impactful Demos & POCs, to closing deals. CloudLabs straddles all aspects of a robust virtual platform

Deliver demos and POCs on real-world scenarios to thoroughly showcase product functionality

Additional Resources

Databricks is a leading Data + AI company that combines the best of data warehouses and data lakes to offer an open and unified platform for data and AI. Founded in 2013 by the creators of Apache SparkTMDelta Lake, and ML flow, Databricks has 5000+ clients, including Shell, Conde Nast, and Regeneron.

Discover how Databricks leveraged CloudLabs hands-on managed labs to deliver:

 On-demand labs capable of handling large registration count

 Cloud resources that were not limited by regional quota restrictions

 End-to-end 24/7 technical support

Catch up with CloudLabs

If you are attending Databricks Data + AI Summit 2022 and want to learn how ISVs are leveraging our hands-on cloud environments to deliver training, POCs, and Demos. Schedule a meeting and our experts will be there to show you what our platform can do for your organization with hands-on live demo.