Virtual Labs

Frequently Asked Questions

What is meant by a virtual lab?
Virtual lab is an isolated cloud-based lab that is available remotely to the user and can be used for hands-on learning, giving sales demons, and POCs. These virtual labs replicate a real-world environment and give a lot of quality features to the users while saving time and effort. CloudLabs provides virtual labs that create an impact on the end user.
What is virtual lab in high school?
A virtual lab in high school is an online interactive simulated environment that provides risk-free learning to the students where they can run the experiments virtually. These labs allow students to explore with real-world examples. Instant feedback can be provided by the lab instructors and students can work upon them without wasting their time.
What is the best virtual lab?
The best virtual lab can be a lab that increases the satisfaction of the users to a very high level. The virtual labs by CloudLabs offer an isolated environment, fast lab deployment, scalability, LMS integration, and hands-on learning to passionate learners. All these characteristics increase the satisfaction of the end user by making their tasks easier and providing them with much-needed exposure to certain technologies.
What are the benefits of virtual labs?
Virtual labs offer the following benefits: - 
What is the aim of a virtual Lab?
Virtual lab aims to provide real-world hands-on experience to the user while enabling remote access without downloading and installing anything. A virtual lab enhances the thinking and curiosity level of the users where they can play and tinker with the different components of the lab and try out new things in the process.
Virtual labs by CloudLabs keep this thing in mind and allow the users to experiment with the state-of-the-art lab infrastructure.
Virtual labs have several advantages: -
Virtual labs offer the following benefits: - 
Are virtual labs free?
Virtual Labs are not completely free, but with Azure based virtual labs provided by CloudLabs you only pay for the active time usage. In cases of lab shutdown, you are not charged for the lab resources. This can help you save a significant amount of expenses
How virtual labs will change the way courses are taught?
Virtual labs will change the way courses are taught by providing remote access to the learners and real-world hands-on learning, resulting in better engagement between students and instructors. The virtual labs offered by CloudLabs are no exception to this.
They are designed to help the instructors by providing multiple functionalities like shadowing a student’s lab, deploying labs within minutes, etc. Students can take advantage of these virtual labs by using the lab validation feature, refer to the lab guides, and learn at their own time and place.