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NJSBA Workshop 2022

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    Virtual Labs Platform for Cloud & Cyber Learning

    Empower students with future-ready IT skills and open doors to new career opportunities

    Hands-on lab platform for emerging technology courses like Cloud Computing, Cybersecurity, AI/ML, Data Science, and more

    Scale your educational programs in a secured sandbox lab environment

    Long-term cost-saving by minimizing expenses on physical hardware & IT overhead

    Explore MS Cloud Fundamentals Learning
    Explore MS Cloud Fundamentals Learning
    NJSBA workshop 2022
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    ACC partnered with CloudLabs to deliver AWS and Machine Learning courses to hundreds of students at a time. Among the various labs provisioned , some top AWS Labs include Amazon SageMaker, Amazon QuickSight, Amazon Textract along with MS Azure Labs like DP-200,DP-100,AZ-303,and AI-100.The outcome served the Institution with blazing fast deployments, reliable solutions, improved learning experience,and exceptional course execution.

    CloudLabs virtual labs made the university’s bootcamps a major success. It served with all the necessary integrations like Microsoft Power Apps, Power Virtual Agents and other technologies required for the bootcamp. To ensure a seamless experience, all labs provisioned were ready-to-use with the necessary licenses for accessing Microsoft Power Platform features. The primary aim of the bootcamps which was to provide technical, industry-relavant skills was successfully achieved with CloudLabs.

    CloudLabs for Cost-Effectiveness

    Manage your cloud infrastructure smartly with minimum expenses. CloudLabs supports features for effective resource consumption that requires no manual intervention and is fully automated.

    Lab Uptime Feature

    Close VMs automatically after a scheduled interval to ensure cost-effectiveness.

    Credit-based allocation

    Triggers timely notifications to instructors and users to track cloud credit usage.

    Optimized disk cost for Azure Labs

    This is a highly novel feature with SKU alteration depending upon the status of VMs to save high-cost resources for Azure Labs

    “It was an amazing experience working with CloudLabs. They offered fast delivery of managed labs on demand, with pre-configured data science stacks. We were able to provision assignments very easily and attendee skill evaluation was done flawlessly with the help of their effective grading mechanism. The team at Spektra were quick to understand our requirements and the AWS ML labs were made ready and were pre-configured to be used as intended. This helped us avoid unwanted costs from unintended resource deployment. Onboarding CloudLabs was very fast, and they provided reliable support for every issue we encountered. Thanks to CloudLabs, we could save a considerable amount of time while keeping our budget under control.”

    Austin Community College

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