November 30, 2018 Mayank Baweja

Pricing information

15 USD


8 Hours


Infrastructure Architect

IT Professional

DevOps Engineer

Cloud Solution Architect


Azure Automation

Azure Monitor

Azure Log Analytics

Change Tracking

Update management

Security Center

Service Map

Application Insights

Virtual Machines

Security and Management

Azure Security and Management – 8 HRS Hands-on Workshop

In this workshop you will learn to design solutions using Azure’s native security and management services. With increasing number of resources running in the cloud, enterprises will need to apply the right capabilities to secure and well manage their data and resources. You will first deploy a simple web application and database to Azure IaaS VMs, using a Resource Manager Template and Azure Automation DSC. You will then configure a range of infrastructure management capabilities on this deployment, including Update Management, Security Center, Service Map, Change Tracking and Application Insights. You will use Azure Monitor to configure application alerts and send, via both email and mobile application notifications.


1 H

Configure Azure automation

Create automation account
Add an Azure Automation credential
Upload DSC configurations into automation account

2 H

Build CloudShop environment

Template deployment
Allow remote desktop to the WEBVM1 & WEBVM2 using NAT rules
Configure diagnostics accounts for the VMs

2 H

Build and configure Azure Security Center and Azure Management

Provision Log Analytics through Azure Monitor
Explore Security Center
Add Service Map
Configure Service Map
Configure Update Management
Configure Inventory Tracking and Change Management

2 H

Instrument CloudShop using Azure Application Insights

Install and Configure the Application Insights Status Monitor
Explore the Application Map, configure alerts, availability tests, and performance tests
Simulate a failure of the CloudShop application

2 H

Explore Azure Security and Operations Management, Application Insights and build a dashboard

Work with Log Analytics queries
Preventive maintenance using Security Center
Set up an Activity Log alert
Installing & using the Azure mobile application
Application Insights