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Hosting Data Science labs in Cloud

9th Nov 2022, Wednesday

08:00 AM

Data Science labs in cloud


With the unprecedented growth in Data Science and Machine Learning, there is a huge demand worldwide for skilled data enthusiasts. The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts 11.5 million job openings in 2026  in the respective field. 

Educational Institutions are catering to the demand for Data Science courses with the relevant technologies like Machine Learning, Big Data, Hadoop, Jupyter etc for which they need academic virtual labs.With cloud-based virtual labs institutions can scale down their infrastructure costs drastically, while also catering to the ever-changing student population. Cloud-based virtual labs have empowered Institutions to deliver courses remotely to students across the world, meeting their technical configurations without any hassle. 

In our upcoming webinar, our speaker Amit Malik, COO at Spektra Systems, will shed light on how educational institutions can effortlessly conduct virtual training programs for the most advanced courses related to Data Science. 


  1. Rule out the extensive infrastructure costs and manual labor in setting up virtual labs for Data Science courses by leveraging cloud technologies. 
  2. Deliver hands-on practical experience for impactful skilling with cloud-based labs. 
  3. Cloud Technologies like AWS, Microsoft Azure, and GCP enable instant lab deployments without any cumbersome setup that further simplifies the student onboarding process.  
  4. Easy and instant lab setups directly via web browser, no additional technical configurations required, ideal for remote users. 
  5. Manage multiple programs and courses at scale with centralized cloud environments. 

 Who Should Join: 

  1. Institutional leaders. 
  2. Professors, campus IT officials, active decision makers. 

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    9th Nov 2022, Wednesday

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