Our Response to COVID-19

We are truly living in unique times. The coronavirus pandemic is impacting everyone from our families, to our businesses, to our first responders who are bravely on the front lines. As the situation continues to affect our world, we wanted to reach out and update you on how we’re supporting our employees, our community, and you—our customers.

More than anything else, our thoughts are with those affected by the virus, particularly those who are sick. We wish them a speedy recovery, and we remain inspired by our healthcare workers and others who are caring for people around the world.

At Spektra Systems, as part of our response to the impact of COVID-19, we are making required changes to processes and how our team members are working.

Spektra Team & Processes:

  • As of last week, we implemented a “Full Remote” policy for all our employees to minimize the impact on employees, our families, and society.
  • All our employees are working from home & have high-speed internet with VOIP calling via Teams.
  • As an organization, we continue to provide 24×7 support to the workshops and tracks that are onboarded to Cloud Labs platform.

CloudLabs Platform Updates:

With multiple workshops being converted to virtual, we have enabled platform capabilities for effective experience to instructors and attendees.

  • Shadowing Azure Environment: Every instructor and proctor is provided their own Azure credentials to the lab environment, using which they can access all attendee environments. This capability is enabled to all the labs scheduled for delivery on or after 23rd March 2020.
  • Shadowing Lab Virtual Machine: If the lab environment includes a windows virtual machine, we have rolled out platform capability which allows the instructor to shadow the activities performed by the attendee, w/o overtaking the RDP session. This capability is enabled on a need basis with a request from the instructor (request should be submitted at least 3 days prior to the event date).
  • Lab Progress Dashboard: When workshops are executed in a virtual environment, an instructor needs to have visibility into how attendees are progressing through the lab’s w/o having to ask each attendee. Automated validation of lab environments is done to detect the progress and report to instructors.
    • Platform level feature will be made available on 6th April 2020 and select labs are updated to make use of the progress dashboard. Labs will be enabled based on the popularity/number of events planned for FY20 Q4.
    • If you are a content owner and would like to know more about how this can be enabled for your workshops, please reach out to cloudlabs-support@spektrasystems.com

Thank you for your collaboration with Spektra Systems. We believe that we will come out of this crisis stronger than ever before and we at Spektra will ensure that your learning and labs aren’t impacted in any way.

Manesh Raveendran Pillai

CEO, Spektra Systems

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