Importance of Hands-on Labs for Technology Trainings

Importance of Hands-on Labs for Technology Trainings

How is Technology training typically done – an overview 

Learning and development, employee education, training- regardless of the name, organizations have been spending billions on technology training to build and develop talent pools that can better perform at work. They have also long depended on outsourcing for technology training. According to a 2019 Statista report, the annual expenditure for workplace training in the US alone was 83 billion USD. The report also mentioned that 53% of the U.S Companies either partially or fully outsourced the training facilitation.  

E-learning platforms, CBTs, or Web-based training are just a few ways in which technological know-how is transferred. These include certificate-oriented ones with the curriculum set and delivered by technology partners. For companies to derive the benefits of keeping their workforce up-to-date requires planning, access to relevant software and hardware infrastructure, courseware, and testing centers as well. It could also mean employee time-off.  

Organizing in-person on-demand training is that much more difficult. New, or niche technologies from software vendors come with a need for a minimum number of participants and the challenge of scalability. While learnings through these methods are largely subjective, so is the impact at work.  

What’s a hands-on labs environment? 

Hands-on labs are virtual environments that can be accessed across devices with a simple web browser and high-speed internet connectivity. Also known as Virtual Training Laboratories, these labs allow participants to instantaneously access a specific environment or virtual machines. With powerful cloud platforms at the backend, hands-on lab participants can access and experiment on scenarios on upcoming technologies and use cases related to Cloud, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning too!  

With pay-as-you-go options, CloudLabs are leading the way in providing environments. They automate the provisioning of any type of lab environment, at any scale at a low cost within no time. They are remote, hands-on lab environments along with round-the-clock support which can handle issues on the spot. So, businesses can do away with the need to set up expensive IT infrastructure on location and the additional onsite IT support staff.  

Instructors can also interact and monitor the students remotely. They can also conveniently set up discussion breaks, whiteboards for collaborative work and so much more. Blended to achieve a combination of instructor-led and experiential learning, hands-on labs are fast becoming the go-to solution for meeting training needs.  

CloudLabs offer a range of businesses for the convenience of accessing virtual, hands-on labs for all technology training needs. They also do away with geographical constraints that are associated with organizing training for on-site and offshore development teams simultaneously. Coupled with low-cost setups that can go live within no time, their virtual labs are an attractive alternative to conventional training – for businesses, training providers, and the education industry at large.  

How does having labs benefit learners 

On launching new solutions, providers often release only preview versions for those interested. Learning and experimenting with such trial versions do come with drawbacks like the lack of full features – limiting the learners’ experience. Limited period trials, restricted subscriptions, and only a few permissible resource types – are just a few of the barriers that limit user experience and exposure to the technology. All these create a dilemma for managers while considering investing in new full-feature technology releases.  

CloudLabs provides managed cloud accounts designed to perform specific labs where learners can utilize solutions without worrying about signing up for a trial account or worrying if their credit card will get charged unexpectedly. CloudLabs also pre-creates and configure the required infrastructure and environments in-cloud for the labs. So, learners can directly start using the technology that matters rather than struggling for hours preparing the pre-requisites.  

With Cloudlabs by Spektra Systems, security is a given. So, learners can utilize the platform for conducting proof of concepts (POC) and sales demos. With self-paced learning, they can prepare and confidently face certification examinations as well. Since they come replete with support and trainer on-hand, they do away with the need for installation and coordinated IT support.  

Impact of hands-on labs on learning  

Hands-on labs’ controlled environments also make it possible for learners to participate in events such as hackathons which are technology-based. Impactful and engaging, learners can use hands-on labs to take up relevant training from Software providers like Microsoft and train on other SaaS (software as a service) applications without having to worry about additional burden on their higher-ups, thus, contributing to research and development within the organization.  

Virtual labs overcome limitations seen in other technology training and application modes. Offering quick and scalable options, virtual labs are easy to set up too. From Development, Operations, and Support to sales teams – Cloud-based labs or virtual labs come with the promise of reducing anomalies and expanding your potential to perform. With no need for investing in expensive infrastructure locally, accessing limited feature editions, or downloading software that bloats developer systems, cloud-based training platforms are easily accessible and convenient to use even on the go! 

From the workers’ perspective, they develop and refine their capabilities. This not only increases their earning potential but paves way for professional growth with more challenging roles and responsibilities coming their way. With such expertise, they also become valuable resources for the organization.  

Too often, workers in the technology field face issues in deployment because of differences in development and production environments. Environment complexity, network, and architecture variations are some of the areas which are difficult to replicate in the development environment thus creating hiccups while moving into production. With hands-on or virtual labs, learners can simulate cloud-based deployments to ensure flawless go-lives ensuring happier clients and DevOps teams. 

Hands-on labs-in a nutshell 

With a vested interest or not- organizations that spend on technology training hold a competitive edge. Whatever be the motivator, industries that conduct training end up creating better-skilled workers, determining the growth of businesses, and ultimately, translating into a better economy for the nation. Our dependence on technology is here to stay. So is innovation. 

A feature-rich platform, CloudLabs makes it possible to get ready access to lab infrastructure and start using without the need of any on-premises IT infrastructure and staff. Even deployments can be scaled to any number within a few, simple clicks. A self-service platform, Cloudlabs allows training providers to manage all their training, students, progress tracking, and expenditure on technological skill building effortlessly.  

CloudLabs comes with the experience of setting up over 50000+ deployments a month. With a ‘no-compromise’ policy on the skill-building pathways, the virtual labs give learners not just familiarity but real-time and practical training on the full-feature software.  

So, how will you choose to train your team? 

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