Analytics in Microsoft Intelligent Data Platform (MIDP)

Workshop for Partners

On this site you will find the Analytics in MIDP Workshop. Using this content, Partners can deliver the workshop to customers. 

This workshop is based on Microsoft’s overall approach to Analytics, based on the Lake-first pattern. This is about unifying hybrid and multi-cloud data estate for analytics, with an open standard and governed Lakehouse, to get meaningful insights from your data. Implementation of this solution pattern simplifies customer data estate unification and accelerates data value creation.

In the lab, attendees will perform the following activities: 1) Perform data ingestion 2) Create a simple Lakehouse  3) Explore data governance using Microsoft Purview  4) Demonstrate ML and BI scenarios on the Lakehouse.


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Analytics in MIDP Training Video

This video will prepare trainers to deliver this workshop to customers and/or internal audiences.


Understand Microsoft’s overall approach to Analytics based on an open and governed Lakehouse foundation.

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Analytics in MIDP Overview Video

This video provides important contextual information about the MIDP Workshop. Attendees can use this to get a high-level view of the steps and MIDP architecture.

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Analytics in MIDP Demo Video

This video provides a high-level view of the Analytics in MIDP demo workshop. It can also be presented to workshop attendees.

Use this Click-by-Click demo to establish context and tell the Analytics in MIDP story to workshop attendees.

Trainers can use this step-by-step guide to request access to the Analytics in MIDP Lab for themselves and their customers.

Partners can customize this email template to invite their customers to the Analytics in MIDP Workshop.

Partners and attendees can deploy lab resources in their own Azure subscriptions using ARM templates from this GitHub Repo.

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