Scalable Hands-On Labs 

Delivering Scalable and Secure Lab Environments for Seneca Polytechnic’s IT Training Courses 


When Seneca Polytechnic’s School of Information Technology Administration and Security, one of Canada’s leading institutions in technology education, faced challenges optimizing the delivery of Azure-related courses, it approached CloudLabs for a solution. Initially, the school tried virtual training with Microsoft’s Azure for Students program, but it fell short due to limited credits, a lack of control, and other inherent limitations, making it difficult to deliver courses to large student groups. 

By adopting CloudLabs, Seneca Polytechnic was able to reap the following key benefits: 

  1. Streamlined lab setup
  2. Credit threshold control
  3. Credit Limit Extension
  4. Seamless lab lifecycle management
  5. Secure Azure Environment
Seneca Polytechnic Scales Up their IT Virtual Training Courses with CloudLabs’ Hands-On Labs