CNSE - Check Point Certified Security Expert
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CNSE – Check Point Certified Security Expert

The CNSE course covers firewall, VPN, clustering, threat prevention, logging, monitoring, and troubleshooting. Passing the CNSE exam (156-315.80) shows your skill in Check Point security systems on GAiA.

Lab Description

The comprehensive CNSE course delves into advanced topics including firewall, VPN, clustering, threat prevention, logging and monitoring, and troubleshooting. By successfully completing the CNSE exam (156-315.80), you can demonstrate your proficiency in building, modifying, deploying, and troubleshooting Check Point security systems on the GAiA operating system. CloudLabs is the Approved Lab Hoster for all the Check Point courses.


CCSA Certification: It is mandatory to hold a valid Check Point Certified Security Administrator (CCSA) certification. This certification establishes a foundational understanding of Check Point technologies and security administration.

Security Experience: Prior hands-on experience in managing and configuring Check Point security solutions is highly recommended. Practical familiarity with firewall, VPN, and network security concepts is essential for success in the CNSE certification.

Check Point Training: Completing the official Check Point training courses associated with the CCSE (Check Point Certified Security Expert) certification, such as CCSA R80 and CCSE R80, is often a prerequisite for pursuing the CNSE certification.

Learning objective

Advanced Security Management: Gain an in-depth understanding of managing and optimizing Check Point security solutions, including advanced firewall configurations, VPN setup, clustering, threat prevention, and logging and monitoring.

Troubleshooting Expertise: Develop advanced troubleshooting skills to identify and resolve complex security issues within Check Point environments, ensuring smooth operations and effective incident response.

Expert-level Deployment: Master the techniques for building, modifying, and deploying Check Point security systems on the GAiA operating system, demonstrating your ability to implement robust security solutions.

In-depth Knowledge: Acquire comprehensive knowledge of Check Point's security features, architecture, and best practices, allowing you to design and maintain secure networks and protect against evolving threats.

Professional Recognition: Attaining the CNSE certification positions you as an esteemed professional in the field of Check Point security, demonstrating your advanced skills, expertise, and commitment to continuous learning and professional development.

Lab Exercises
Advanced cloud security
Cloud management
Cloud policy design
Advance cloud automation
Scaling solutions
Clustering use cases
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CNSE includes
CNSE - Check Point Certified Security Expert
CNSE - Check Point Certified Security Expert
07 Exercises
Intended Audience

Security Solutions Architect

Network Security Consultant

Senior Security Administrator
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