DP-300: Administering Microsoft Azure SQL Solutions
Self-Paced Learning Path

DP-300: Administering Microsoft Azure SQL Solutions

Master the administration of relational databases on Microsoft Azure with our DP-300 course. Learn to manage and optimize Azure SQL Database and Azure SQL Managed Instance. The course includes tailored MOC curriculum, role-based learning, hands-on labs, and exam preparation. Acquire the skills to effectively administer and secure Azure-based database solutions.
Lab Description

The DP-300 course is designed to provide comprehensive training on administering relational databases on Microsoft Azure. It covers key topics such as planning and deploying data platform resources, implementing a secure environment, monitoring and optimizing operational resources, optimizing query performance, and implementing high availability and disaster recovery solutions. The course also prepares individuals for the Microsoft Certified: Azure Database Administrator Associate certification, validating their expertise in Azure database administration. This course includes Microsoft learning paths, which guide learners through the necessary knowledge and skills. The course also offers custom labs for hands-on practice, a knowledge assessment to gauge understanding, and a full practice test to simulate the certification exam experience.


Basic knowledge of relational database concepts: Familiarity with fundamental concepts of relational databases, including tables, columns, rows, and relationships.

Understanding of Azure fundamentals: A basic understanding of Microsoft Azure services and concepts, including virtual machines, storage accounts, and networking.

Experience with SQL Server: Prior experience in working with Microsoft SQL Server or other relational database management systems would be beneficial for grasping the concepts covered in the DP-300 course.

Familiarity with Transact-SQL (T-SQL): Knowledge of T-SQL, the language used to interact with SQL Server databases, will be advantageous for understanding and implementing the SQL-related aspects of the course.

Learning objective

Proficiency in planning, deploying, and managing data platform resources on Microsoft Azure, such as Azure SQL Database and Azure SQL Managed Instance.

Understanding of security measures and best practices for securing data platform resources, including authentication, authorization, and encryption.

Knowledge of monitoring and optimization techniques to ensure the performance and scalability of Azure data platform resources.

Skills in optimizing query performance in Azure SQL Database and Azure SQL Managed Instance through indexing, query tuning, and performance monitoring.

Ability to implement high availability and disaster recovery solutions, including backup and restore strategies, to ensure business continuity for Azure data platform resources.

Lab Exercises
Provision a SQL Server on an Azure Virtual Machine
Provision an Azure SQL Database
Configure Azure SQL Database firewall rules
Enable Microsoft Defender for SQL and Data Classification
Isolate performance problems through monitoring
Detect and correct fragmentation issues
Identify and resolve blocking issues
Identify database design issues
Isolate problem areas in poorly performing queries in a SQL Database
Deploy an Azure SQL Database from a template
Create a CPU status alert for a SQL Server
Deploy an automation runbook to automatically rebuild indexes
Configure geo-replication for Azure SQL Database
Backup to URL and Restore from URL
Key Features
Tailored MOC Course
Our DP-300 course is specifically designed to cover all the topics and skills required for the DP-300 certification exam. Whether you are new to Azure or have some experience, this course will provide you with the necessary knowledge and practical skills to confidently navigate the Azure environment.
Role-Based Learning
The DP-300 course follows a role-based learning approach, focusing on the responsibilities and tasks of an Azure Administrator. You will learn how to manage Azure subscriptions, configure virtual networks, secure identities, and implement storage solutions, among other essential administrative tasks.
Integrated Microsoft Learn
We integrate Microsoft Learn into our DP-300 course, allowing you to access additional in-depth modules and resources to strengthen your understanding of Azure technologies. You can easily track your progress and completion through our platform.
Practical Hands-on Labs
Hands-on experience is crucial for mastering Azure administration. Our course provides access to managed lab environments where you can apply your knowledge in real-world scenarios. These labs offer practical experience, boosting your confidence and ensuring you are well-prepared for the DP-300 exam.
Assessments and Practice Tests
To ensure your readiness for the DP-300 exam, our course includes regular assessments and practice tests. These help you gauge your progress, identify areas for improvement, and solidify your understanding of key concepts.
Leaderboard Experience for Friendly Competition
Engage with fellow learners and experience friendly competition through our leaderboard feature. Monitor your progress and see how you rank among other participants, adding an element of excitement and motivation to your learning journey.
Comprehensive Overview of Team Readiness
For organizations and teams, our platform provides a comprehensive overview of team readiness. Track the progress, lab completion, and overall job and exam readiness of your team members. Gain valuable insights into their development of Azure skills and receive actionable recommendations to ensure your team is fully prepared.
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A CloudLabs MOC Course is a comprehensive training program designed to help learners acquire knowledge and practical skills in Microsoft technologies. It includes various components like knowledge assessment, hands-on lab exercises, integrated Microsoft Learning Paths, practice tests, and a leadership board for a well-rounded learning experience.

CloudLabs MOC Courses are designed to prepare learners for Microsoft certification exams, but they do not offer official Microsoft certifications. Successful completion of the course, hands-on labs, and practice tests will equip learners with the knowledge and skills needed to pursue the corresponding Microsoft certification.

Yes, CloudLabs MOC Courses are accessible from various devices, including laptops, desktop computers, tablets, and smartphones. The platform is designed to provide a seamless learning experience on different screen sizes and operating systems.

Absolutely! CloudLabs provides technical support to assist learners with any issues they may encounter during the course, hands-on labs, or practice tests. Our support team is dedicated to ensuring a smooth and productive learning journey for all learners.

The prerequisites for each CloudLabs MOC Course may vary based on the specific technology and certification level. Some courses may require foundational knowledge of certain Microsoft technologies, while others may be suitable for learners at all experience levels.

Yes, learners can retake  02 times hands-on lab exercises and 05 times practice tests. Repetition allows learners to gain confidence and achieve mastery over the course content.

    The access duration for the CloudLabs MOC Course materials is 30 days. During this period, learners can fully engage with the course content, hands-on labs, practice tests, and other resources to make the most out of their learning experience.

No, once you launch a lab module, it must be completed in a single session. These labs are setup for shorter duration. It is not possible to pause or stop the lab midway and resume it at a later time. Therefore, it's essential to allocate sufficient time to complete the lab uninterrupted.

CloudLabs offers a satisfaction guarantee. If you encounter any issues or are dissatisfied with the course, please reach out to our support team, and we will work to address your concerns and find a suitable solution.

Yes, CloudLabs continuously updates its MOC Courses to align with the latest changes in Microsoft technologies and certification exams. We strive to provide learners with up-to-date and relevant content to ensure their success in the ever-evolving IT industry.

The leadership board is a gamification element in CloudLabs MOC Courses designed to enhance learner motivation and engagement. Learners earn points and badges based on their course progress, performance in practice tests, and completion of hands-on labs, creating a competitive and rewarding learning experience.

DP-300 includes
DP-300: Administering Microsoft Azure SQL Solutions
30 Days
15 Exercises
Intended Audience

Data Engineers

Big Data Engineers

Database Administrators

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