Host your Custom Labs with CloudLabs

CloudLabs offer self-service capabilities for building custom virtual labs through easy-to-use templates & cloud integrations.

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Host your Custom Labs

Self-Service Lab Development

Build Custom Lab environment configurations through Self-Service Portal.

Host your Custom Labs

Familiar Tools & Technologies

CloudLabs supports all major automation frameworks, so re-use your scripts, templates etc.

Host your Custom Labs

Optional Professional Services

Our professional services develops the automation frameworks for your environment while you focus on content.

Cloud Native

CloudLabs is powered by public cloud platforms including Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services & Google Compute Engine.

Native Integration enables you to host and build any kind of custom virtual labs, as long as it can run in one of the public cloud platforms.

Host your Custom Labs
Host your Custom Labs

Advanced Automation with flexible Configurations

Combine necessary identity, compute, network, operating systems, applications, databases, samples, storage etc. with CloudLabs automation capabilities.

Controls limits, permissions and restrictions through platform native features.

Build Once, Deploy at Scale

Configure your custom lab environments once and deploy thousands of unique environments on-demand. Re-use your lab architecture for other courses with a click.

Host your Custom Labs

Deliver Immersive Experiences

CloudLabs enables immersive content experience for consumers, which is spread across multiple dimensions.

Lab environment
Practice Test
Lab Content
Lab VM Operations
Progress Tracking

Premium Consulting Services

Our team of Cloud Consultants can help you accelerate time to market by developing automation content and custom policies necessary for your labs as professional services.

Host your Custom Labs

With CloudLabs, You are in control

Instructors, proctors and stakeholders have visibility of every lab environment which is being consumed.

Lab Access of every participant
Manage Lab provisioning and management
Track progress
Cost Tracking and Reporting
Over the shoulder view for Lab VMs
Schedule Lab Actions