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Learn to develop Modern Applications with CloudLabs

Best tools and technologies packaged in a sandbox for you to learn to develop Apps.


Top Development Tools & Frameworks are packaged by default.

CloudLabs enables instructors and content developers to build custom programming environments through its easy-to-use self-service lab developer portal. Various samples are available, such as IDEs like Visual Studio, Visual Studio Code, Atom, Eclipse, and many more. Programming languages, frameworks, and databases such as.NET, C#, C, C++, Python, R, F#, JavaScript, Angular, React, Java, NodeJS, Express, MySQL, MS SQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, etc. can be included in your lab packages.

Along with this, you can have Windows/Linux/MacOS-based environments running on Azure/AWS/GCP along with DevOps tools and licenses. 

Built as per Standards

Pre-configured Programming Labs with IDE, frameworks etc!

Choose one of our pre-set configurations and start learning & teaching today.

Flexible Customizations

Build your Custom Labs with your choice of tools and configurations.

Simple self-service portal to build your own custom programming labs.

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