What are Cloud Training Solutions?

Cloud training is an approach to gaining proficiency and knowledge of cloud computing technologies and concepts to use them and empower yourself and your business. From a cloud training perspective, cloud computing technologies enable organizations to store, manage, and access data and applications over the internet, without having to buy or maintain physical infrastructure.

Cloud training can help organizations understand the benefits of cloud computing and how to use it to their advantage by choosing the right type of cloud services for their needs. 

Cloud Training Solutions are usually provided by cloud technology vendors, such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, or Google Cloud Platform (GCP), or by independent organizations like CloudLabs that specialize in cloud computing certification. The certification process typically involves passing exams, completing training programs, and demonstrating hands-on experience in cloud computing technologies. 

What is cloud training certification? 

Cloud training certifications are a proven way to validate and fortify your cloud, security, and IT skills and abilities like cloud architecture, security, storage, networking, and more in cloud computing. It is designed to help learners gain the necessary skills to work with cloud technologies, such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, etc. 

The Microsoft Azure Connected Learning Experience (CLX) program is a great example of such certifications. It is an Azure cloud training program powered by Spektra Systems’ CloudLabs platform. The program is sponsored by Microsoft, and it sets a trajectory for IT professionals and aspiring learners to be Azure experts.   

The CLX program is designed to provide a personalized and fast-paced learning opportunity that maximizes return on time invested. This program was introduced in March 2022 and has received positive feedback from thousands of attendees across 40+ countries. 

What is cloud security training? 

Cloud security training is a type of training that focuses on the security of cloud computing systems by imparting topics such as cloud security architecture, cloud security best practices, cloud security threats, cloud security tools, identity and access management, data encryption, and compliance.  

Cloud security training is designed to help organizations understand the risks associated with cloud computing and how to protect their data and systems. It helps you test your skills and keep your cloud environment secure and updated. The flexible and on-demand hands-on labs offer the skills to become a security expert easily and in no time 

Types of cloud training certification providers: 

There are different types of cloud training certification providers to help you learn and move faster. But the three most familiar cloud training providers are: 

  1. Google Cloud Training: Google cloud services can integrate well with each other. It comes with a data analytics platform. You will find the top online courses here.
  2. Azure Cloud Training: Microsoft’s own public cloud computing service. It comes with the best integrations in the cloud. It features analytics, storage, and networking.
  3. AWS Cloud Training: Amazon Web Services is the best platform for content delivery. If you are looking for the largest database storage, then this is it.

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