What is a Product Demo Platform?

A Product Demo Platform is a software or web-based tool that enables businesses to demonstrate or showcase their product to potential customers, clients, or partners. When it comes to selling software products, sales get trickier owing to subscription-based pricing and long-term investment at the customer end. Hence for software product demo enterprises need a multi-featured platform capable of highlighting every unique aspect of the solution. 

It allows them to display the features, functions, and capabilities of the product through interactive simulations, videos, or live presentations, with the goal of increasing awareness, generating leads, and driving sales. 

With a cloud-based product demo platform, you can deliver hands-on experience of your product for your prospects, showcase its functionality in various realistic scenarios and the know-hows around your software solution. 

How can software product demos increase sales? 

Software sales needs to be highly targeted, interactive and engaging to make sure your prospects have full faith in your product. A good user experience plays a vital role in the success of your product demos and heres how you can achieve that: 

Interactive product demos– Deliver highly interactive product demos with virtual IT labs that take your software solution through a series of real-world scenarios in a simulated environment. Let your prospects gain a complete understanding of your product, its features, and its application. 

Convince your leads to take the final step-– A software sales is a lengthy process, and it might take multiple follow ups before your lead gets finally converted. By allowing your prospects to try out your product for a set period of time, you can build up confidence in your solution and shorten the sales cycle. 

Personalized as per your client industry- The one-size-fits all approach just doesn’t work when engaging with your prospect who might have already been through a dozen of sales pitches. Hence to hold their attention and pique their interest, you might want to tweak your sales demo as per your customer’s needs. With virtual IT labs deliver personalized sales demos to make your sales pitch extremely releant to your clients business 

Spin up instant demo environments- Deliver highly immersive product demos on the go without wasting time on building environments from the scratch everytime you need one. By leveraging templates, you can spin up any number of environments any time you want. 

What are the different types of product demos? 

There are several types of product demos but the type of demo used depends on the product, target audience, and the objectives of the demonstration. Some of the demo types include: 

  1. Live Demos: A real-time, interactive presentation where the presenter shows the product’s features and functionality to the audience. 
  2. Video Demos: A pre-recorded video that showcases the product and its features. 
  3. Virtual Demos: A digital product demonstration that can be accessed online and typically includes interactive simulations or animations. 
  4. Guided Demos: A demo where the presenter walks the audience through the product, highlighting key features and answering questions. 
  5. Self-Service Demos: A demo that allows the customer to explore the product on their own, with guidance and support available as needed. 
  6. Hands-on Demos: A demo that allows the customer to physically handle and test the product. 
  7. Proof-of-Concept Demos: A demo that demonstrates how the product solves a specific business challenge or need. 

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